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General Europe

Questions and answers regarding travel across multiple countries

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Paris Authorities Launch Three-Day Raid against AirBnB-type rentals in the Marais
Kim 75
Schedule and preparation for discussions
Nigel 74
Favorite Travel Quote
Terry kathryn 75
Short term rentals and rapid gentrification of cities?
Bruce 74
Have you ever read *a* book that inspired you to make a trip?
ashley.3.e 76
Ugly American: Invalid Stereotype?
Cyn 76
Novels set in Europe
Bob 77
What Has Been Your Greatest Inspiration For Traveling?
MarieB 77
Finding a carry on with the right dimensions is hard!
Barbara 72
Meeting Up In Paris?
Andrea 78
What country has the best beer?
curioustraveler 78
Covid vaccine reality check w Dr. Offit.
Diane 78
Measles in the US and Europe
Diane 79
Where to visit in your own country?
Allan 79
Anyone rethinking future winter European Vacations?
Arnold 79
Any One Else (Obsessed)
Tony 79
Fun Topic, Where Would You Live?
Matt 78
Back Doors and Overcrowding A world view
aarthurperry 80
How the Helpline has changed...
Paul 80
Lessons from those that don't listen...
Sarah 79
Have you read a Rick Steves guidebook?
Richard 77
Political Considerations in Choosing Destinations
mikefoss39 80
When traveling NB (no bra) on overnight flight
AtTheBeach 78
People that don't travel
BigMikeWestBy... 81
Ever considering a cruise again? WSJ investigative report
Maggie 81
Where are we travelling to this year?
Mme Eli 82
What's your most creative souvenir?
Evan 80
Super Budget Options
BigMikeWestBy... 74
Pickpockets: Ever heard of them getting turned upon by their victims?
Prethen 81
Who do you blame, the airline or the passenger?
Allan 81
Largest city in your own country not yet visited
Tom_MN 81
A little disappointed...
Becky 81
Travel plans for 2011
Mme Eli 82
Favorite European Film
Terry kathryn 83
Habits brought back with you from Europe?
Bryan 84
What does a “local” experience mean to you?
Ryan.T 83
Is Europe really THAT expensive?
Authorized... 82
Rick's Europe Trip Budget - How Does Your Trip Compare?
Kent 86
Are you watching the World Cup?
Ms. Jo 79
Joan 77
Concerned about Pickpockets
justin.sniesak 85
How did English become the international language
mtvaughn 85
Funny and or stupid comments anyone else?
Gail 86
Cash is still King
Allan 86
The White Shoe Thing
Ms. Jo 86
Dealing with Rude & Obnoxious Passengers on Flights
Ed 85
Dear Rick...A Plea for More
aarthurperry 86
"I'm so glad I packed ______"
Lillie 88
What have been your favorite purchases while in Europe?
Adrienne 88
What! Not everyone likes Rick?
Pamela 88