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To the West


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Running routes in Paris?
Bruce 28
driving in germany
kathy 26
Zurich to Venice
Alexandra 28
Travelers to the U.S.
Den 29
Paris Hotels
April 29
We leave in 12 days for Paris and its getting crazy!
Mike 29
Rothenburg or Fussen Castles
Laura K. 26
What is the most efficient way to tour the Rhine River castles?
michelle 26
Opinions on Paris
Kim 28
Driving in France
Lisa 27
In Paris, Is It Rude...
Lisa 29
sharing meals in France
kathleen 28
Help me with a sentence in French
Teresa 25
Trip to Spain-Portugal- fine tune my itinerary
Ashish 29
Well Too Late Now
Lisa 28
Dare I ask this?
Lori 27
Living Like A Local in Paris
Frank II 28
Where to stay in Paris?
Scott M. 29
Buy euro here before the going
Elan 29
Must-Have French Food in Paris
Rachelle 29
Francesca 29
Bombing of Arles France in World War II
Bob 25
how to say bonjour?
Cathy 28
Is Neuschwanstein worth the trip while being renovated?
Debbie 23
Germany trip clothes/packing/laundry
Lori 23
Germany more expensive than Venice !?!
Stay-ce 27
PARIS accomodations
julie 27
What to eat in Paris?
Melanie 29
anyone going to Spain?
Jackie 30
Germany, France, Austria, questions part 3
Diane 19
Frankfurt-Rothenburg-Munich-Salzburg - Dec 26-Jan 2, 2008
Ken 24
Bavaria Trip - Your Experience and Advice Requested
Charles 22
Sightseeing from Salzburg
Greg 29
question about Normandy from my son
Viv 30
Do you have fun planning your vacation?
Kathleen 30
Is there such thing as a non-touristy restaurant in Paris?
Nick 30
Doggy doo on streets of Paris
Donna 30
Leave Wed AM for 14 days in DE, AT, IT
Lee 30
Pre-Trip Jitters
Tony 30
Munich Train Station - Seedy or Safe - esp night
cj 29
Oktoberfest is in its first week
Andreas 30
Pants for Provence
Travis 30
GPS or map atlas
Bob 28
What took your breath away while in Paris?
Jean-Paul 28
For those who liked "Midnight in Paris"
Thomas 29
Hotels in Bacharach, Germany
Paul 29
Do most people speak english in these places?
Brendon 30
Steven 30
Musik für die "GAS Tour"
Teresa 24
French restaurant wine ettequette questionS
Andrew 29