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Pompeii/Naples Guide Pina Esposito - Highly Recommended!

Just returned from seven days in Rome, with a day trip to Pompeii.

We engaged Dr. Pina Esposito via email after reading about her in the 2016 Rome guide, this forum, and other on-line forums.

Having Pina as our guide was one of the best decisions we made! We took an early train down to Napoli from Roma. She and her driver met us at Napoli Centrale, then we were whisked away to Pompeii for our private, guided tour. She helped us navigate through the sights in such a way and provided excellent context so that we were truly able to appreciate what we saw without being overwhelmed.

The extra expense of a driver was worthwhile as we were able to efficiently see Pompeii highlights, take a nice lunch break after, then head out to the National Museum where so many of Pompeii's most precious treasures are now located.

Her deep knowledge and love of the art, architecture, and story of Pompeii is evident. She is knowledgeable, friendly, and is everything we could have hoped for in a guide. My husband and I will never forget our amazing day with Pina.

You may choose to forgo the driver, which will save some expense. This particular splurge worked out well for us.

Here is her contact information, as well as other reviews:

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You said splurge. It would be helpful to know the price tag associated with your splurge.

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I know this is a bit old, but I used Pina after hearing about her from this forum. She was a great guide for Pompeii and the Archaeological Museum and was able to get us into a newly restored house in Pompeii that only small groups could see.

However, it was a budget busting splurge. We paid her around $600 for 5 hours which included a private driver. We also tipped her, and she made sure to email us the day before that she would like a 20% tip. We didn't do quite that much because the initial cost was so high.

I in no way want anyone to discourage anyone from using Pina, but I think it's important to know the true costs up front instead of vague terms like "splurge."

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@Thune: Very interesting, because there are some (many?) on this forum who insist that Italians should not be tipped at all and that they don't expect to be, arguing that "it's the culture of the country". I counter with the fact that if one is working, they probably need to make money and would appreciate a little extra in the form of a tip (which I would provide as a token of my appreciation for good service). So if it screws up the "tipping culture" of Italy, I can live with that burden. Nevertheless, 20% seems high, so I am with you for offering something more modest as a token of your appreciation. I will now duck and wait for the stones to be thrown.