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Cell phone lanyard

Which cell phone lanyard did you find that worked well?

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Check the Bandolier site. I have used their phone cases with straps for several years. A little pricey, but very well made with great customer service.
Safe travels!

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@rafafan thank you! A phone lanyard that you wear around your neck is what I was looking for. I don't really want my phone dangling and banging around from my wrist.

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Because I have lanyards, I bought only the clear phone patch that RafaFan linked. It works great under my Otterbox case (IPhone 13 Pro Max). It’s flexible enough not to interfere with my plug in ear buds or phone charger. I’ve been using it while walking and so far after a month of use the patch is durable.

Edit: Here are two previous threads about lanyards:

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Here’s a second for Kathy’s suggestion ((Horsewoofie) above. I have had one of those squares in my phone case for some time. It doesn’t interfere with my use of the port at the bottom of my phone and it’s very, very handy to hook to any lanyard you might have so that your phone is handy. I’ve used one like this several times on trips to Europe just to keep from having to pull my phone out all the time when I want to make pictures. It also keeps me from having my phone in my pocket, where it might be easier to steal