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Gluten free restaurants in Paris

Does anyone have any recommendations for eating gluten free in Paris? I have celiac disease and would like to hear of any experiences or suggestions for dining in Paris.

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You'll have a much better time eating far away from any place that serves baguettes or croissants. In fact, I would consider traveling to a country and city not so well known for delightfully crusty temptations.

There is the cheese. But what are you going to put it on??

Mexico City is a better choice. Find one of the places that makes tortillas from fresh corn 'nixtamal' !

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I'm pretty sure Bill was being sarcastic...

In general, most European countries are actually very aware of celiac disease and will be able to accommodate you. It'll help to have a card written in French explaining it just in case the staff doesn't speak much English.

You might try stopping in at restaurants that have good looking menus (pretty much all Parisian restaurants post their menu outside). Ask if they can accommodate you as many places have a prix fix menu and you don't want to eat at a place where most of the items you can't eat. It can be hard to tell with a lot of French cuisine as they do use a lot of flour in roux, soups and sauces.