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Pre-trip research for Gluten Free

Hi everyone - travelling to Paris the first week of October. Will be going to DLP for a couple of days, and have found GF options there for the dear wife, who is wheat sensitive but not complete celiac - can tolerate oats, rye, etc. We've gotten spoiled with the UK and Ireland travelling in the last 10 years, but have not seen a lot of detail about GF in France, and specifically in Paris. Does anybody have any recent experiences they would like to share?

Figure that there has to be an equivilent of Alda or Tesco in France that might have some GF options that we could purchase - all of the crepe vendors, boulangeries, etc. that are the average travellers options won't work for her, and trying to get my ducks lined up in an orderly fashion, rather than the whole "steak and salad" GF options.


Glenn in Tucson, AZ

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Glenn, I think the Tesco equivalent would be the Monoprix stores, you might look em up and see if that will help. There are also numerous natural foods stores.
I looked at David Lebovitz' site and found this post on the restaurant Noglu, which is actually somewhat highly rated on Yelp; you may find it useful to read the comments after the post:

Here's another post, though from 2007, may have still-useful info:
Have a great trip!

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You may find it helpful to know that bio is used in French to mean "organic," so a biomarché (pronounced, roughly, bee-oh-mar-shay) is an organic grocery. Ask for the nearest one, and they should have suitable foods if the regular supermarkets don't.

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In our experience with tour members, restaurants or delis/charcuteries are pretty responsive if you have a card in French saying what you are allergic to. There will be plenty of steak, salad, and omelet options; yogurt and fruit at breakfast. Delis and supermarkets often have a good selection of prepared salads (grated carrot, celery root, beet, potato, etc).

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DLP - DisneyLandParis - formerly known as EuroDisney. Disney in the US is excellant with GF options, DLP is not as good from what I've read, but at least they have some. Keeping an eye on this thread - may influence the choice of hotel/b&b based on if we need to cook be at least able to prepare sandwiches, etc.

Thanks for the feedback - keep it coming!


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I haven't needed GF options outside of Italy (travel with friends who need GF options), but when I was in Paris I saw GF items in grocery stores. If you let your B&B know in advance, they will probably provide GF breakfast items (we do this in Italy). Pharmacies may also have gluten-free items.