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To the West


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language barrier: scared of being an a-hole in Spain
Lillie 35
Tips for best prices on Deutsche Bahn?
Kristen 23
I'll Need 1,000 Euros on First Day
Ken 32
George 35
Proposal in Paris... where would you do it?
Joey 34
Is Heidelberg the Bologna of Germany?
Wayne 31
Paris First View
Bob 28
7 days in Germany what should we see/not see?
Lisa 30
Jet Lag
norma 34
Alternative Countries due to Paris Strike and Terror Alerts?
April 33
techniques to experience the culture, talk with locals on trip to France
Tom 33
Ladies, what should I buy in Paris?
Kelly 34
Rick Steves Tours vs On Our Own
Steve 34
Berlin Accommodations for Under E80?
Heather 26
Concerns over recent Louvre closing due to Pickpocketing
jennifer 32
Germany / Austria / Prague Help
David 34
Love this new format
Pat 31
Paris - Post trip review
Andy 33
Paris, middle aged woman, bags and shoes
Ashley 33
Paris Hotels - Rue Cler area?
Nicole 33
MC Donald's to open in the Louvre
BG1 29
2 Day Paris itinerary - what say you?
Marshall 29
the news out of France
Tim 32
Rothenburg a little too touristy?
Aaron 30
German Cities
Tiffany 32
is driving a car through Germany, Italy and France a terrible idea?
Linda 31
Netherlands, Belgium & Germany Itinerary Help
Lauren 31
Don't the French pee?
lisa 32
Recommendations for Seventy Hours in Berlin
Jon 32
Swiss Alps recommendations
Mme Eli 30
Car rental scam
Jess 31
London or Paris?
Stephanie 32
Critique of Germany-Austria Itinerary Requested - Sanity Check Please!
Shawn 28
Your First Trip to Europe-Slow Paced or Fast Paced?
Marsle 32
WWII sites in Paris
Dawn 32
Two full months out,... Normandy is pricey, Provence is already booked.
Bill 31
Hotel du Champ de Mars, Paris
Jackie 32
Hallstatt in August?
Marie 28
Lannie 32
One month in France-but where in July?
Jill 29
World War II tour
Judy 32
Trouble with Visa cards in France (?)
Betsy 32
Update - Spain Itinerary in Oct
Cookie 32
Having trouble finding hotel room for family of four
Andrea 30
dachau alternative suggestions
paige 29
Favorite things...
Kimberlee 31
Is it a Mortal Sn to skip the :ouvre
Dianejay 31
Spain/Portugal Itinerary for appx 10 days
Steve 31
Questions about Germany.
Cecily 23
Patrick 31