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To the West


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Dining in Paris with a picky child
Eleanor 35
Jet Lag
Dr John 38
Credit Card Use in Germany
Elaine 36
Neuschwanstein Castle
Kristen 34
Credit card problems in France- real problem PLEASE BE FORWARNED
Betsy 35
5 week trip with 1 and 3 year olds
Dominica 35
Paris in 2 days (Jul) with Teen Boys
David 38
Has anyone actually fought back?
DK 36
Are We Trying to Plan Too Much?
Jana 36
Europe with kids
Belle 32
30-Days Europe Itinerary
Randy 38
Rhine itinerary - too rushed?
Danny 39
American credit cards in Europe
Larry 35
"Ugly Traveler" Experience
Stacey 39
Flight prices to Europe: recent experiences/research?
Adam 40
Host wants photocopy of passport. Unusual or the norm?
Trish 35
Who says the French are rude? Not in my experience.
Ray 38
An American in Paris
phyllis 34
This question's going to drive a few of you crazy.
Jean-Paul 41
Your suggestions for art & architecture in Germany, off the beaten path
Alyson 42
Art and Architecture in Western and Southern Germany
Alyson 41
The Forum's Go More Slowly Bias
RJ 43
Woo Hoo! The Netherlands are in the World Cup final!
Pamela 43
Favorite Paris movie
Katie 41
Tipping in Paris?
Veronica 44
Best place to exchange money
Elizabeth 43
Favorite French Foods
Ms. Jo 43
How do you make peace with the exchange rate?
Sarah 45
Why did Rick snub Hamburg in his book?
Amy 44
Driving in France
Laura 42
How long for Bruges?
Roy 46
22 years of age - off to Europe for experience of lifetime... WHERE 2 GO??
Ed 39
Paris theft attempt?
Christina 45
Why not Germany?
Shoni 44
Going to Paris with a man who doesn't get it!
Jennifer 45
Remembrance Concert in Dresden
Will 44
Sound of Music - What's Up?
Gary 49
Luggage - Wheels or no wheels
Lisa 50
Germany & Austria on our own
Wally 48
Dressing like the French
shawn 45
Anyone Just returned From Europe
Tony 51
What's was the biggest let down about Paris?
Jill 50
If you knew then what you know now about Paris
Ken 50
17 Day Germany Itinerary
Tim 46
a paris re-do&#59; what would you change?
Tracy 51
Hawaii Questions
elle 51
ania 37
Odd (?) occurance in French cafe?
Stewart 50
Germany Summer 2013 Travel Suggestions
Larry 42