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Adapter/Converter -Ireland - multiple devices

Can anyone recommend an adapter/converter to use in Ireland?
We will want to charge 2 phones, an apple watch, and airpods
nightly in one hotel room.
Thank you!

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Are you looking for just a plug adapter, with which you'll use a multi-port charger you already own? ($3-4 for the adapter)

Or are you for a multi-port charger with UK (and maybe other) plug types? ($10-50+ depending on how many USB sockets, and how many of them are USB-C.)

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good question! I am not sure and am confused. I am worried that there won't be many electrical outlets in
each room, which would mean we couldn't charge at once . I want to be able to charge at least 4 devices at once.
From what I read, I think I understand that newer iphones will charge fine without a converter ( I am not sure about Apple Watch and Airpods) I will also want to occasionally charge a portable charger, will that need an adapter? My hair straightener is dual voltage, so I think that will be ok with just an adapter.

I don't want to ruin our devices or start a fire, or any other drama that could occur from me not having the proper adapter/converter.
Thank you

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So, lest start at the cords you have now.

The end you put into your phones and AirPods case is called "lightning".

What does the other end look like? Is it the rectangular USB-A that we've had for 20 years? Or smaller, and more an oval than a rectangle—USB-C?

The watch charging cord has a disk end that goes against the phone. Is the other end is USB-A or USB-C?

At home now, do you use a different charger and plug for all these now?

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If it's a simple wall outlet adapter (with no wiring) to convert the European standard 220V to the U.S. standard of 110V that you need, then the link below has the scoop. For Ireland, it's type G. I consulted another, more comprehensive link when I got mine but can't find it now.

In addition, you may also need one or more converters to handle those devices. I plead ignorance on that point and suggest you seek out a more knowledgeable person at Best Buy or another similar techy source.

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First - I am so grateful for this help!!!!
Both the end of the phone, Airpods, and Apple Watch are USB-A

We have a charging tower with 6 outlets ( we never charge 6 devices at a time though - usually only 3)
Often our devices are charged using separate cubes in separate rooms.

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If you use the search feature you’ll find lots of threads about this. These are plug adapters to Euro and UK, not voltage converters.

Here are a few links:

I had good luck with this extension cord in Italy to charge phones, battery packs and cameras. It is not grounded and you will need a plug adapter but it’s handy since a couple of our hotels had plugs behind the bed stands.

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Alternately, you could bring that 6 device tower you've got and buy a simple plug adapter, like David linked above.

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Apple, representative of large multinational electronic giants, realized that it was cheaper (and likely more economically viable to have citizens across the world with iPads, iPhones, and other Apple devices) to sell devices and chargers to many, many people. With such a large market base, irritating customers with proprietary charges seemed counterintuitive.

So, most Apple devices use a USB A device to plug into the wall thingy, which itself plugs into the wall. Because different countries use different plug arrangements, an adapter is used so a Spaniard with an iPhone XS can use the same wires an stuff as a Brooklynite with the same device. In other words, the iPhone wires and adapter (providing you have the plug adaptor--$15 or less from RS) work for both you and Jose from Zaragosa.

If you read the minimal information from Apple, it will tell you this. Finding the information from Apple may be difficult, however.

In the olden days, it was necessary to use transformers to "step down" the voltage from 240 volts 50 cycles to a safer 110 volts 50 cycles. Otherwise, the device would get hot and might burn. That was bad. I haven't traveled with a transformer for more than 40 years. The simple adaptor, coupled with the device's own internal electronics (read the tag near the plug or use your magnifying glass to confirm that your other devices (hair dryers, curlers, water heaters, etc (think heat)) are dual voltage. If so, you only need the plug adapter.

The ApplePhone is an outlier, requiring the weird circular charging surface. Go with the flow, because the other end of the weird circle is the USB hub, which plugs into the wall adapter, which plugs into the plug adapter.

Enjoy your trip. If you have doubts about your hair crimper, buy one on the economy and throw/give it away when you leave.

Edited to add that I just checked my iPhone plug (the wall adaptor) and it says in really tiny letters that it is okay for 100 to 240 volts, 50 to 60 cycles, The output is DC current, in the range of .15 amperes. So, it is okay to plug it into a 240 receptacle if you have the wall adapter and the plug adapter. Case closed.

As far as phones and iPads go, use your current wall adaptors with plug adaptors and sleep easy.

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Let's make this nice and simple. Bring your cords with you. Buy something similar to what Scudder listed above. It will do the converting for you. The adapter for Ireland is built in.

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Reduce the clutter. There are dozens of multi-device wireless charging docks on the market in a range of prices and capacities. You just lay your devices on the charging pads. The bricks and wall warts on these chargers are all 110/220VAC capable. Get two such units and the Type G wall plug adapter. Carry a short extension cord with 3-way plug because AC outlets in some rooms are not conveniently located. You do not need a voltage convertor but they can be nice to have. (Just my opinion: leave the easy to lose AirPods home and bring a small wired headset. One fewer item to charge, too.)

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again - thank you so much! - I am so grateful that all of you took the time to answer my questions without making me feel
bad for being so ignorant about this!

What a great group!