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Which RS bag

HAs any one bought the rolling carryon RS bag. What did you think of it ? Is it light enough?
Thank in advance. Want to use it on trip Best of Switzerland and it sturdy. If not which bag would you buy? Trying to use the $$$ up.


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I have it and really like it. I think it's as well made as some of my more costly pieces of luggage (I have a lot of luggage. I used to travel for work weekly and seemed to collect luggage as a part time hobby!)

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We have the "soft" (not Ravenna) rolling carry on bags and love them. Light, sturdy, small enough for European airlines, but large enough to hold all we need..

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I really like mine. I keep mine to 20 lbs and can manage that and my purse/camera bag easily on my own, on and off trains, buses, etc. Also, it is strong enough to check as well. I think it's organization on the front works really well also.

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My wife has one that she bought in 2012 for a 6-week visit to France and UK (before we moved to France). It's light and has held up pretty well, but that's the best I can say about it. In particular she dislikes the zipped cover -- it has no structure, so it just flops around when open unlike one with an internal frame.

End result? We're heading on a trip next week and she's taking my Briggs & Riley rolling bag. A much more expensive bag, to be sure, but a very good one. Me? I'm taking a backpack.

Now, it's possible they've improved the design over the past few years, but that's been our biggest complaint about it.

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The Rolling Carry-on is too heavy, at over 6#.

I wish they would make a version of the Rolling Backpack (not the Rolling Carry-on) without wheels, handle, and structure. At under 2000 cu in it's the perfect size for those of us who pack light, and without the rolling structure, it could be a lot lighter ( maybe around 2#?). For those of use that pack light enough to fit everything into less than 2000 cu in, wheels aren't necessary and just make the bag too heavy.

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My husband and I each purchased the RS rolling 21" bag about a year ago and used them on our 3 week trip to England.
They are light enough to handle even up and down in Tube stations for these two seniors. The top compartment is not ridged. We did not have a problem with that aspect. We packed our trousers folded in thirds
in the top zippered compartment which provided a little more stiffness. We each carried a personal item. Mine was a back pack for hands free ease.
Overall we liked the bags very much.

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I have the rolling carry-on and like it very much. I also recommend you check the thread Susan linked to. It's a recent and exhaustive discussion of the merits of the RS carry-on, the Ravenna and the Euro Flight Bag.