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Anyone know when the next SALE for luggage will happen?

Hi All,

I'm looking into getting a new bag (still deciding between the Ravenna and Rolling Carry On) soon, but I would like to wait until there is a sale. Anyone know when that is likely to happen?

Thanks in advance!

:) Gretchen

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Well, they always go on sale before Christmas. I am unsure about any earlier sales. Have you tried just calling the Rick Steves travel center and asking?

RS normally does sales around the holidays like Memorial Day, July 4, and a major sale around Thanksgiving. If you don't need an item soon - then, wait for a sale. I missed out on some RS sales from lack of knowledge - more money for Rick!

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following this thread... I need 2 bags for our trip over in September!

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They had a sale on those two bags a month ago. I bought the rolling carry on. They advertised it as a 20% sale, but it was actually 18%... not a huge savings if you need one before they go on sale again.

This thread helped me figure out which one to get:

You can go to the store on this website and set up an alert so you'll know when they go on sale again.

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I bought a Ravenna Rolling Bag one day before the last sale started. One day. I know they state plainly that items ordered before a sale are not honored. But I did buy it to take on two RS tours.

So, I wrote and asked if they would extend the sale price. (If you don't ask, you don't get) and they told me they normally do not honor previous orders--but--since I was a good customer they would extend the sale price to me.

(I guess they thought since I spent nearly $10,000 on tours and merchandise that a refund of $38 wouldn't make much of a dent into their profits. That's good business sense since I was happy and it cost them practically nothing.)