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2002 Series Euros: what should i do?

To my surprise I opened an envelope in our SDB and found almost 1K in 2002 series Euros. We are headed to France soon and I am wondering if:

  1. The old notes will be accepted by taxis, vendors and restaurants? They are in good condition.

  2. Should I bring the whole lot of them to exchange at a bank for more recent ones?

There were a couple posts I found on this subject but it was several years ago. Thank you for any advice!

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Euros do not "expire" or have series taken out of circulation. If you saw discussion regarding out of date notes, it was likely UK GBP notes. Periodically, they will take a series out of circulation, especially as they convert to the polymer based notes from paper.

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Spend them as usual. I have ensured any Euros we bring home are the newer series but that’s just a personal preference. They all spend equally well.

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What is SDB? You shouldn't assume these acronyms has are universally understood.

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You shouldn't assume these acronyms has are universally understood


UK: Stands for the United Kingdom, the current government comprising England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

GBP: Less an acronym, but the official abbreviation/symbol in currency markets for the Pound Sterling of the UK.