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Where to find gluten free food in Paris?

I will be spending a week in the Marais in Paris this summer.
Does anyone know where to get gluten free food, especially bread?
Or, does anyone know if European wheat has less gluten than US wheat?
Thank you for any gluten free ideas, Marilyn,
Portland, Oregon

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We have not been yet (our trip is this summer), but I have found a lot of information on where to eat gluten free just by doing searches on Google, Trip Advisor, Yelp, and in this forum. Some of the bakeries I have found in my research include: ; ; and

I believe all of those are convenient to Marais. It takes a bit of time to do the research, but I think you will find a lot of information out there.

I can't comment on the gluten content of European wheat. For us, no amount of gluten is acceptable.

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I wanted to update that we visited two of the bakeries I had mentioned earlier in the thread and found them to be fabulous. Helmut Newcake and Chambelland both offer a large variety of very tasty, completely gluten-free baked goods. In addition, sandwiches, quiche, and other simple meals are readily available. Helmut Newcake's Sunday brunch is worth the visit.

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Hi Marilyn,

I've visited Paris twice over the past 3 years since becoming GF. I must say Paris has been catching onto the GF trend. As mentioned by other contributors, Helmut Newcake is a good option with daily special savory dishes and lots of desserts. My favorite is Chamberlland where you can actually buy GF bread. I visited 3 times during my 5 days stay this year and even purchased bread to bring with me to my next stop of the trip in Europe.

In addition to the two mentioned, there are a few others:

La Maison sans Gluten
Bio Sphere Cafe
Thank you, My Dear
L'Autre Boulange (GF friendly bread, not 100% GF)

To add: I don't have celiac disease and am GF sensitive (digestive symptoms). I must admit that I did cheat while in France by occasionally eating croissants and little bread. I have noticed that the symptoms were very mild, if any. I've also heard that the wheat is different, not genetically modified and or process differently in Europe. Therefore, the negative effect of ingesting GF in Europe may not be as severe as doing it at home.

Hope this helps!

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After a wonderful week in Paris, I am happy to report that I ate very well.

I found gluten free bread and good packaged cookies at a nearby natural food store called Naturalia.

In restaurants, I ordered omelets, salads, chicken or fish with french fries, and didn't eat the bread.

For dessert, I usually ate sorbet or chocolates. Never missed the rich desserts, but they looked so good!
The food in Europe is so much better than in the US. What gives with that?

Bon appetit, Marilyn