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Wye River Valley/Forest of Dean

Next month we will be traveling from Chipping Campden to our next stop near Brecon, Wales. I've read about the beautiful drives through the Wye River Valley and the Forest of Dean, and I'm wondering if we can incorporate some of that scenic drive as we travel from CC to Brecon. What are the specific roads we would travel? I'm also hoping we can see Tintern Abbey on our way.

Thank you!

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Leave CC for Broadway - then take B4632 to Toddington - where you might want to take a peep at the steam railway station. ( A detour into Stanton & Stanway is also worthwhile). Anyway, from Toddington - take B4077 going W to Tewkesbury - where you might like to park & walk down to the mill by the river. After Tewkesbury - take A48 northbound for a couple of miles to join the M50 going west towards Wales (Ross-on-Wye).

When the M50 ends - follow A40 westbound heading towards Monmouth. After about 3 miles - look out for this turret on left >,-2.6316834,3a,75y,155.24h,100.8t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1srOQpKi1dNrmAOoLXv6s-fw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192!5m1!1e1
Now, SLOW DOWN - even though you are on a fast road & indicate a left turn. Forward the view and you will see a VERY SHARP turn to the left which can only be done at around 12 mph. (The sign says Goodrich).

Now look at this map:>,-2.6260397,6213m/data=!3m1!1e3!5m1!1e1
The nasty junction off the A40 is near the top. So, you now drive through the village of Goodrich & take the left turn where you see the signpost for YAT ROCK. Can you see ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ marked on map? You drive to that location and climb a *steep and very narrow hill & turn R at top into the car park at YAT ROCK. Then walk to viewpoint high above the Wye Valley.
* This is the hill:> >,-2.6412925,3a,75y,192.59h,82.58t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1ssBUTMxwyeMFYeiEoHux9AA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!5m1!1e1
If you don’t want to do it - stay on A40 all the way to Monmouth & turn left at traffic lights for A466 & the lower Wye Valley.

Anyway, leave car park at Yat Rock on go south on B4432 until junction with A4136 where you turn R & head towards Monmouth to join A466 and proceed down the Wye valley to TINTERN to see the ruined abbey built in the 1100’s. Having seen Tintern Abbey - retrace your route N up the A466 back to the traffic lights at Monmouth - turn L and follow A40 to RAGLAN. Raglan has a ruined castle but you must go to the roundabout on the A40 and loop back to enter the driveway. The road configuration can be confusing - especially as you will wish to drive west on the A40 towards Abergavenny - assuming you see the castle. Look at this close view and you will see the road configuration at Raglan:>,-2.8442518,16.41z/data=!5m1!1e1

So, you are coming down the A40 and loop off what becomes the A449 & go to the roundabout and then left up the narrow road to the castle. On leaving the castle - you must turn L and then where you see the small triangle - loop around to re-gain the westbound A40 heading to Abergavenny.

From here on, it is straight forward to follow the A40 to Abergavenny and then Crickhowell & Brecon. (Beware of the double roundabout just south of Abergavenny).

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Raglan castle is very much worth visiting if you have the time. Also, if you wanted a break, Monmouth and its Monnow bridge is nice for an hour. You can park for free (for an hour) in the Waitrose parking lot. Just get a ticket at the machine and put it in your car window. As already stated, when leaving Tintern Abbey, you have to go north on the A466 towards Monmouth right now. Because of road work, the A466 is closed between Tintern and St. Arvans. If using a GPS, it may take you on some very narrow rural roads if you’re going from Tintern to Raglan. Since you’ll be in the area, there are some 3500 years old standing stones by Trelleck; Harolds stones. They are worth a short stop.

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Now, SLOW DOWN - even though you are on a fast road & indicate a left turn. Forward the view and you will see a VERY SHARP turn to the left which can only be done at around 12 mph.

I thoroughly recommend heeding this advice!

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Thank you all for the wonderful guidance and advice! I will be the navigator and my husband will be driving on the left-hand-side for the first time, so all this detail is very much appreciated!