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Where to buy an IPad Sim Card

We land at Gatwick before traveling through Wales, Spain and England this summer. I'm taking an iPad mini and plan to buy a chip - (edit that; sim card) . Any recommendations on whether to buy at the Gatwick airport or wait until Cardiff and go to a phone store? I've had both good and bad experiences both ways.

Also, does anyone know if sim cards now work across GB and Spain? I'd read within the last year that countries were beginning to work together and share. That would be nice!

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Interesting question. I've used my iPad mini the last few visits to England, France, and Italy. I just used it as it was, coming from the States. I conclude that a chip is not required.

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There are ipads and assume maybe minis that are 3G compatible. I assume they would have to have a way to get a phone chip in and out of the mini.

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Do you mean a SIM card?
My old iPad could work by wifi but also had a slot to insert a sim so I could use a data plan.

To be honest for most use you could get away with just using wifi. Any phone store will sell you one. From memory I think I bought a cheap pay as you go Sim from t-mobile which I topped up a couple times. I hardly used the Sim facility.

Be aware that if you are travelling through the rural areas of Wales you might struggle to access both wifi and mobile phone signals. They can be patchy.

I don't think you can get one that can work cost effectively in both UK and Spain. I don't think we are that joined up yet but I could be wrong.

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Thank you Emma, you're right, sim card is the better choice of word(s). I purchase them rather than data plans from AT&T when traveling. Wifi is fine as long as it's available, but it sometimes isn't and I want to be able to connect when I need to.