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Weather Question

I know that the weather channel app isn't always the most accurate so when I'm looking at the 7 day forecast on my phone for Dolgellau and see the rain icon every single day, what should I realistically expect? Generally does rain mean all day or in little spurts sporadically? I remember checking the forecast before our Hawaii trip and seeing the same thing and it turned out to be 5 minutes of rain a day. Hopefully the same will be true with this trip :)

Thank you!!

A seven-day forecast for anywhere in the U.K will never be accurate & guaranteed because the climate is very changeable. Have a look at the BBC Weather app, which changes hour by hour - but rather than looking at a long-range forecast, get into the habit of watching it now and seeing how it changes. That will give you a sense of how variable the weather can be.

So at the moment the BBC app suggests tomorrow will have rain through the morning, dry and cloudy in the afternoon, sunshine post-5pm. But who knows what might really happen? On Thursday it's giving us black cloud, rain and sunshine all at the same time - which is very typical British summer weather.

That said, Wales does have a reputation as the wettest part of the UK... Carry a waterproof jacket at all times, but you will probably get sunshine & showers.

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This link will show what is really happening live. Click the arrow and it will play a forward prediction for the next few hours.

This link is also useful:>

NW Scotland is wetter than Wales but the mountainous parts of Wales can be pretty wet. That said, I have been in north Wales and experienced continuous days of hot sunny weather. So hot, I had to jump into the sea to cool down! Anyway, you can normally expect changeable weather. Yesterday, the whole of Wales had warm temperatures (up to 24C) and plenty of sunshine. Today, it is raining continuously through expected to clear up during the afternoon.

The rain crossing Wales (& the rest of Britain) today is frontal rain - from a low pressure area that has come off the Atlantic. During hot weather, thunderstorms can build up over the inland areas and if you see cumulus clouds forming, head for the coast where such storms are less likely. Having said that, the incidence of thunderstorms in Wales is comparatively rare.

Although not in the immediate Dolgellau area, you might like to consider this place if it is raining:>

Also consider Powis Castle - which is 39 miles (1 hour driving time) east - although you would want it fine to see the gardens.

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They have a saying in those parts, if you can see the summit of Snowdon it's going to rain - and if you can't, it is raining!

The weather in North Wales in July and August is completely unpredictable. If there is high pressure with weather fronts then showers are possible at any time (or not at all), if the temperature gets high rain almost guaranteed in the afternoon and could be heavy. High pressure, no fronts, wind from east (rare) it could be fantastic. Low pressure and fronts, miserable and rain at any time. Low pressure, no fronts, just miserable! When it does rain it can be VERY localised because of the high ground and all-day rain isn't that common. None of the forecasting services can be relied on, start with the UK Weather Service pressure forecast at and work out your options!! Their rainfall radar is at which is handy for short notice, the blue areas can just be very heavy cloud.

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Thank you all for the suggestions on different apps and sites!!! We're excited for our trip no matter what the weather brings :)

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Hope for the best and plan for the worst. Keep your rain gear and jacket handy because the weather can change at a moments notice.

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I wore a full length trench coat on the west coast of Wales; just saying!