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Wales Train

Having never travelled by rail not sure if we have enough time to change trains coming from Holyhead to Shrewsbury on May 25th. It gives us 14 minutes to transfer to another train going to Aberyswyth. One is Platform 2 to Platform 5. Probably a silly question for all train commuters but this is the first for us Canadians. Is that enough time generally?

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The trains in Britain usually run to schedule - often to the minute. You should have no problems with the connection at Shrewsbury. I suggest that you go to this site a few times to check how the connections at Shrewsbury are at the present time. (Put SHR in the location box and the trains will be Arriva Trains Wales. You can click the -1 hour symbols to see how accurate the trains have been at Shrewsbury during the day - including your proposed services).

Make sure that you have packed some food and drink for the journey.

Should you miss the connection, check when the next train to Aberystwyth will depart - it could be 1 hour away or maybe 2. Shrewsbury is well worth a wander but a little hill leads up from the station to the main street. The town has many historic buildings.

Here is a map of Shrewsbury - the station is by the red symbol at the top.

Click STATION MAP on this site for platform plan.

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You have ample time, Shrewsbury is a small station. I am surprised the platforms are numbered up to 5. A google for images may show.

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Platform 2 is disused. The ones in use are 3-7. The Aber trains go from one of the bay platforms (5/6), The Olyhead trains on one of the through platforms. A map of the station is here; as you move over it you can see small picture illustrations.

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When you board the train at Shrewsbury, beware that it is likely to split at Machynlleth with 1 half going to Aberystwyth whilst the other section goes to Pwllheli. On the destination sign on the front, it might say Pwllheli rather than Aberystwyth but you would still be boarding the right train. Electronic signs on the platform should tell you which section is going where. Even if you got on the wrong section, the conductor would put you right well before the split point. Here is a map of the routes:>

If you turn up and pay on the day, it is likely to cost you about £51 to do the trip. Pre-book and it could well be under £20 & you should order (free) reserved seats - tabs will be placed on the seat tops. (If you don't like the seats, you could always move - assuming that un-reserved seats are available). (Also check the combined Sailrail fares).

You won't realise it but you will be passing beneath the walls of one of Wales' most famous castles - at Conway. Click this link & then the photo.

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Thank you again for all the info. I have ordered my tickets on line as it is so much cheaper. Do they sell food on the trains? If not we will have some with us and water.
Thanks again!!


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They usually have someone coming through the trains with a trolley with coffee & snacks - nothing substantial. Best advice is to have food & water with you.

One of the coaches will have a disabled toilet. This has more room than the other toilet which is more like that on planes.