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Wales in the summer?

We have stopped traveling in the summer because it's hard to enjoy things in bad heat. We have the offer to visit Wales at the end of July 2019 and I wonder what you all have found the weather to be at that time?

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Just go to and enter in a city in Wales. You can get the historical averages for any day of the year.

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Generally, Wales does not have extremes of temperature. Late July is peak time for holidays in Wales as it is the start of the British summer school holiday - which lasts for around 6 weeks. It would be better if you could go in early July as accommodation prices will be a bit lower and the roads less busy.

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Also, although the Principality is physically smaller than many countries it has a variety of climates in different parts.

Weather in Anglesey is likely different than in the Brecon Beacons. Weather on Snowdon will be different than that not far away. And Conwy will be different yet.

Take a waterproof and windproof jack, warm clothing and clothing for heating down sun and high heat.

You just never know.

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We visited Northern Wales this summer in late June and in 2016 in late July. At both times we were often wearing a light insulating layer and a rain proof layer. This summer in Llangollen we, Southerners from the US, would be wearing jackets while the natives wore shorts and t-shirts. We found the weather quite pleasant.

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Thank you all for your input. It's very helpful and encouraging. I really appreciate it.

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What was exceptional about the summer just gone was just how long the good spell lasted, hardly any rain. The heat is usually the strongest in The South East of England and will be a few degrees cooler in Wales. I don't like strong heat but it's unlikely you'll experience a problem with it.