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Wales around Machynlleth

My husband and I had paid for a falcon experience at Machynlleth - he got sick and we were unable to go, but it's good for one year. Next year we will be taking our 14 year old grandson to London. I see a train goes from London to Machynlleth. My question is whether it's worth a 4 hour train ride for a 1 hour falcon experience (where you actually learn to feed the falcons). Are there other things of interest in the area for a 14 year old boy? Thanks so much.

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Well it depends how interested you, and your grandson, is in Falcons?:-) Also how much it is going to eat into the time available for your your trip. It's not something you would want to do as a day trip. You would want to stay overnight.

The area around Machynlleth is rural but does try and attract the tourists.
This website should give you some ideas.

The Centre for Alternative Technology is just outside the town. It's world renowned and could be something your grandson would be interested in? I'm not particularly interested in "environmentally friendly" stuff but I remember visiting it as a teenager and found it really interesting, especially the toilets!

The modern art museum in the town is also a performance venue, which seems to have quite a few events so there might be something interesting on when you are planning to be there.

All that said, I'm not sure I would travel 4 hours each way for an hour event unless I was really interested

PS in case it helps, it's a classic of Welsh spelling and pronunciation, it's pronounced Muh-khun-hluth

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As an alternative there is a wonderful display of falconry at Cardiff Castle - 2 hrs by train from London and a 10 min. walk from the Cardiff Central train station to the castle. They have handlers bringing the falcons, horned owls, etc. out and "exercise" them in an open field in the middle of the complex. You can walk right up the enclosure where the birds are kept and get relatively close to them. When I was there last fall, there were several school groups there on a tour and the kids were mesmerized watching the falcon soar and swoop.

Climbing up to the top of the castle keep would probably be fun for a 14 year old as well, in addition to seeing the full-size trebuchet set up on the grounds.