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Wales and Scotland on the same trip?

We're planning on going to Scotland a year from Sept. and I was wondering if it we could/should try to include seeing a bit of Wales on the same trip. I think we will be traveling for about 3 weeks.

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Hello Sue

If you are in the UK for about 3 weeks, you have plenty of time to visit both Wales and Scotland.

From other posts and fora you will see that there is plenty to see in both countries. If you use a car to get about, you will also 'have' to drive through at least part of England to get between the other two, so you'll get to see three for the 'price' of two! You'll also get a chance to see/hear Welsh and Scots Gaelic perhaps - two very different languages.

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We had a wonderful time in Wales...but you must have a car to really have a enjoyable trip. Edward's Castles are in fabulously scenic locations; many on or near the seacoast. I would recommend a full week in Wales. Stop over in Chester and Liverpool and drive though the Lake District on your way to Scotland. Stop off at Hadrian's Wall. Spend some time in Southwest Scotland, and the Borders; much of Scotland's History took place here. Visit the Museums and Art Galleries in Glasgow. Visit the Castle in Edinburgh. Go to the Whiskey Valley for tastings. I would leave the Islands and the Highlands for another time unless you add a 4th week to your trip.