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Ulysses ferry from Dublin to Holyhead? (cross-post from Ireland forum)

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has taken this ferry and can give me a "review" of the experience. We need to get from Dublin to London this summer, and are hoping to do the sail/rail thing. However, my daughter (10 by that time) is a bit freaked out by boats, and I'm trying to reassure her that this will be a lot smoother than what she has previously experienced (whale watches in Cape Cod, ferries on Lake Champlain and in the San Francisco bay). But I don't want to mislead her! Thanks in advance!

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If you actually mean the MS Ulysses and not one of the couple smaller ones operated by Irish Ferries, the sucker is a giant. The hoopla when it went into service said it was the world's largest car ferry. I've seen it but never ridden it. The Irish Sea doesn't get that lumpy in the summer, even in the worst winter storms something that big is not going to budge.

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Yes, planning on the actual Ulysses -- in part because of it's reputation for being so large and steady, and also because of its supposed luxury (the daughter loves anything she perceives as fancy/high-class). Thank you for your input -- super helpful!

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We have done the Rail/Sail twice. Once on the Ulysses and once on the smaller ferry. Food is average at best. Fish and chips were soggy and cool. Beef stew - lots of stew and little beef. Vegges were ok. She is pretty stable though. Just a gentle swell of up and down. Shopping is fine if a bit expensive but my wife found several items for our grand kids there. What is strange is that almost all of the crew are not Irish. The captain is, but after that, I think most of them are Polish.

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I hate to say it, but it'd be cheaper and quicker to just take Ryanair down to London.

But you'd miss the ferry experience.