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Trying to understand Wales entry requirements

I'm a fully vaccinated traveler traveling from Canada (green-list country) to Manchester in early October, hoping to go on to Wales about four days later. I'm not sure I understand the government restrictions. Previously (last week), Wales official travel site said that if you were entering Wales from England and had been in England or the common area for at least 10 days, you did not need a day-two test, but that if you had been outside the region in the past 10 days, you needed a test. Now, it looks like the requirement is simpler:

"You do not need to take a test if you began your journey to Wales from England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Man, Jersey or Guernsey."

"You do not need to take these tests [day-two test] if you began your journey to Wales from England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands."

So, I'm confused. Can I enter Wales from England without a test and without scheduling a day-two test, or does being outside of the UK within the last 10 days still matter?

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You need to take a day 2 test in England, but you don’t need a further test to go to Wales. If you are heading straight to Wales, then take the day 2 test there.

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Thank you. I wish they would make the green-list within-past-10-days part clearer, since it was so clear before (still need entry test + day-two test, even if coming from within UK).

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OK, it looks like it's necessary to take (or at least book and pay for) a day-two test in Wales.

Scenario is:

Arrive in England from green-list Canada (fully vaccinated traveler) October 6. Book and schedule day-two COVID PCR test.
Travel to Wales from England, October 12 - no test needed to enter, but must book and pay for a day-two COVID PCR test in Wales (since I was outside the Common Area within the last 10 days), even if only visiting for one day?

Is this right?

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You need a day 2 test either on your day of arrival (day 0), the next day (day 1), or the next day (day 2).

From your itinerary, you will be in England on those days, that's when you need to take the test.

You need to book the test before departure from Canada and have it sent to you in England (or maybe get it done at Manchest airport when you arrive).

You don't need anything else for travelling to Wales. There's no hard border, no one will be checking your whereabouts.