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Traveline question

I am looking at a route on traveline site for april 29 from SA62 6SS to SY23 1LN. St david to Aberystwyth. I chose the option 7:43 to 12:52 which is bus only. On the left in pink it says the date is friday april 28 but on the right side of the page details it says april 29. Can anyone explain this? Due to when it originates maybe?

Would you recommend buying now?
Thank you to all of you kind responders!

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It's not doing that for me, must just be a glitch. Both sides of the page are the same. But the timings are the same on both days anyway.

As this is a bus only journey you just pay on the bus on the day of travel, paying by contactless or cash. You can't pay in advance.

As all 3 legs are on Richards brothers buses, of the 3 fare options given you want to ask the driver for a Richards Brothers Day Rover for £6.70.
That is your through fare for 5 hours of travel.

If you were travelling on another operator as well (which you aren't) you would go for the West Wales Day Rover at £8.50.

If you were travelling beyond Aber (which you aren't) you would choose the 3rd fare option- the Traws Rover at £11.

Note that it does say that the passenger counts on the 1st bus are high, and that you may like to consider travelling on the next service. This is probably because it will be doubling as a school bus. As you are joining at the start point this should be OK, as long as you expect a load of rowdy kids!!

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That day-shifting business has been observed on the Premier Inn website as well. One of our other posters has cleverly suggested it may be related to the time zone of the traveler, as compared to the location being serarched, which makes sense to me. It appears there's at least one programmer in the UK who needs to revisit his or her code.

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Thank you! You both put my mind at ease. Ive been struggling with the date issue for days! Great travel info that is so appreciated.