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Touring South Wales by car

We will be spending four weeks on a drive tour of England and Wales, planning two nights in Cardiff, the two nights in either Pembroke or Tenby (the location of Jasper Tudor's departure from Wales) . Also, we want to visit St. David's, perhaps drive on the Cardigan coast then up to Llanddewi Brefi, where my ancestors once lived.


1) Should we stay in Tenby or Pembroke for two nights?
2) We will be visiting Llanddewi Brefi after departing from Pembroke or Tenby, then moving on to Chipping Camden in the Cotswolds. Should we plan to spend a night in Llanddewi Brefi or try see St. David's, Llanddewi Brefi and drive to the Cotswolds in one day?
3) Any other suggestions of sights to visit when in southwestern Wales?

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I think that you are trying to do too much. The roads in these areas are nothing like Freeways - apart from the route from Cardiff to the Pembrokeshire border. Try and follow the roads on Google Earth to get some idea. Llanddwei Brefi is a small place in a remote area.
I would prefer to stay in Tenby over Pembroke. Tenby is a stunning seaside town. However, the streets are narrow and within the medieval walls, traffic is banned in summer. You should certainly make sure that any accommodation has parking or parking nearby. Alternatively, find accommodation in the countryside.

Somebody else has just asked about Pembrokeshire - see my detailed response here:>

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I can only address your question number 3. If you will be taking A40 from Llanddewi Brefi to Chipping Camden, you will pass through Monmouth. At that point you could take about a 30 minute detour south on A466 to Tintern Abbey. It is shockingly beautiful. Check it out on Google Images.

We drove from Gloucester to Tintern so haven't been on A466 but I'm sure that in itself would be an excellent drive, along the Wye River. You could return to Monmouth after and continue to Chipping Camden, or go up to Gloucester then onto your destination from there.

Couldn't probably do this all in one day and enjoy it though. It's a lot of driving. You might think about an overnight in there somewhere. Maybe Monmouth or Gloucester.