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Three days drive itinerary Surrey

Hi—Please review and advise----Three days' itinerary in need of editing?

We've got three Surrey trip finale June days on this particular return tour. The first allows fewer options coming early from Wales. Days two and three are based daily in round trips (aka return) involving Bramley. Our Heathrow car drop follows on the fourth and final early afternoon headed on a return flight to New York.

As usual, I've overloaded an itinerary with the hope that kindly others familiar with the area, might help with some judicious pruning ideas.Generally we're aimed at avoiding larger environments (for the most part) and seeking advice cutting back a bit on haste. Please excuse the format as presented, but each day's taken precisely from the maps as drawn up thus far. Drive times are allegedly based on a few sites' generous averages, independent of unforeseen but likely complications.

~ Day 1 Head out early from Trecastle, Wales. We'll head directly to our first stop, hoping to tour commencing early afternoon. Our Surrey start-up agenda is currently listed as follows:
Worplesdon/ Godalming/ Milford/ Chiddingfold/ Dorking/ Brockham/ Blackheath Village/ arriving in Bramley dinner and sleep. 234 mi about 6 hours consensus drive time. I've a feeling this one might need the most trimming.

~ Bramley Day 2 West Clandon/ Oxted (tempting but too big for inclusion in terms of time?)/ Limpsfield/ Buckland/ Leigh/ Abinger/ Peaslake/ Shere/ Ripley/ ShamleyGreen/ Wonersh/ return to Bramley
96.1 mi three hours+ drive time average consensus

~ Bramley Day 3 with - or probably without - time for a charming but clock demanding busy Farnham, and whatever else:
Shalford/ Farnham?/ Bagshot/ Chobham/ Shepperton/ Weybridge/ Cobham/ Nat Trust Great Lacey/ West Clandon /Guidford/ Artington/ Shalford/ return to Bramley
75.9 mlles about 3+ hours drive time consensus

All editing feedback and alternate thoughts are most appreciated.

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do you know that these questions about Surrey are in the Wales forum?

I'm afraid without taking out a map and spending time adding up all the segments I couldn't say. That is a lot of stops and although I know Surrey quite well (60 years man and boy for my mother's side of the family) I still don't know all the places you mention.

Good luck pulling it all together.

Surrey is in England.

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  1. Day 1 - You say you are 'visiting' several villages - they are very far part and listed in a zigzag order - if you are driving through just for the view You will be going past your destination of Bramley and coming back on yourself. If you want to just view pretty areas, suggest Dorking and coming back towards Guildford on the A25 which will take you through Newlands Corner, Abinger Hammer and more pretty villages with beautiful views of the Surrey Hills.

Blackheath Village would be almost impossible to get a coach in - every chance you would get stuck

There isn't really anything to see in Worplesdon - GOdalming is a pretty town - you could stop here as the town is pedestrianized so your passengers could have a walk around.

Day 2 - From Bramley to the East of the County of Surrey - There isn't time to stop at all of these - just depends if you are just driving through. A village to stop in that is beautiful with delightful tea room (Dabbling Duck) is Shere - so include that instead

Day 3 - Farnham is nice and has a castle with limited access - needs walking around and not just driving through.
Polesden Lacey National Trust - excellent place - could take half a day at least - close to Dorking so could do Dorking in the afternoon

Guildford: Loads to see and do - castle grounds (free) museum also free, Guildford House Gallery is free - river, lock - lots of places to eat and drink. Call Tourist Information Centre and ask for Maps - Historic Trail maps.

Take a look at for more help - you can also order a Visit Guildford Guide from there.

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Wow-- In coming afar from Wales to Surrey, I subconsciously put it in the former rather than the latter by silly accident. I'll repost appropriately at some point if need be. Thanks for that correction. To my second responder, thanks for some excellent ideas which I'll study carefully.

We are driving alone in a car, my wife and I, if that was not made clear enough. A stated,e are most interested in where to trim and if better off, even substitute in so doing. I know the three days are overly imagined, but they're meant as a first draft for editing, not at all a final product. So please, hack away with my blessing and appreciation.

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Probably not in Surrey, but not too far from Bramley (~50 mi.) you could see Chartwell (Churchill's home) and/or nearby Hever Castle, where Anne Boleyn grew up - bought and restored to its medieval glory by a wealthy American, with Italian gardens, if you want a change from villages.

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The Surrey bits seem to be just driving, which doesn't sound much fun. Cut great chunks out and give yourself time to get out of the car. Shere is a pretty village to explore but I wouldn't bother with Shepperton--it's just an outlying suburb. Guildford has a couple of interesting buildings and a museum, but otherwise you'd only go there for the shopping. If you just drive through it you'll see nothing beyond the one-way system. I suggest choosing just two or three places each day and exploring them in more depth. Have a nice pub lunch once or twice and slow it all down.

Don't bother with Oxted, but you can go slightly further and visit Westerham (in Kent) and the NT properties of Chartwell, Quebec House and Emmett's Garden.