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September weather in the Wye Valley, Wales

We will be taking a walking tour in Wales, in the Wye Valley, late September. Should we expect fairly cold and rainy weather, or not? Don't want to pack a lot of weather gear that won't be necessary, although we know nothing is ever really predictable!

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I was there 2 years ago in early/mid September and we didn’t have any rain for the 10 days and it was mild, but the weather this year has been particularly unpredictable, so be prepared for a shower. You would be unlucky if you had wall to wall rain. By late September, the evenings may be cooler.

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We did Wales in Late September. While it was still warm we did have some downpours. I had a light weight trench coat and really appreciated it, as sometimes the wind blew the rain sideways. Bring a pull on knit hat. But most of the time we had excellent weather for touring. We did have a fog in the mountains but it added to the mystique. I found that fleece pullover will keep you dry without the weight. Don't wear jeans....they take too long to dry.

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As others have mentioned in other threads, it's layers you need. I tend to go for thin-ish layers. For example, t-shirt, long sleeved half zip, fleece jacket and/or windproof top. You will need a decent rainproof jacket with you in case of a worst case scenario and I always carry a pair of waterproof over trousers with me. You may be able to pick up a cheap pair of these on arrival in the UK. In the event of wet weather I find gaiters useful especially if you are walking through long wet grass, but these are not essential. Finally, but probably most importantly, you'll need a decent pair of walking boots/shoes dependent on the terrain you are covering.

A story I always tell about the vagaries of the British weather is an ascent of Ben Nevis in Scotland. We set out in shorts and t-shirts on a sunny warm day in September. At the top I had on every last stitch of spare clothing I had brought with me including cagoule and over trousers and because I'd been silly enough to think I had no need to pack a warm hat and and gloves, I had to borrow my wife's spare pair of mittens. By the time we reached the valley floor again we were back in shorts and t-shirts, peeling layers off as we descended!

I'm assuming the Wye Valley won't be quite so extreme, but it never hurts to be prepared for the weather to take a sudden, if temporary, turn for the worst!

Have a great trip!


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We were there in early October and it was nice. A little chilly in the evening, but just take a light jacket or sweater. Yes, it might rain, so be prepared.