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Pembrokeshire help

We are leaving bath and spending a total of 4 nights in Tenby and st David’s. Plan to stop at castle Coch . To include these sights on our trip would appreciate help in establishing best order. Would like to stop at saunderfoot , ( and Bosherston lily ponds , barafundle beach and St Govans, )I am thinking these are in the same area? . Also stopping at Carew castle and tidal mills , Solva and st David’s and up to porhgain. . Appreciate help in establishing proper sequence of driving these routes( our first time driving in UK).Also if anyone feels I have selected sights that are not worth it please advise. One final concern , I have seen comments about rodents in Tenby being quite a problem . Is this true and would it stop you from visiting Tenby Thank you

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We didn’t see any rodents in Tenby the couple days we were there. We stayed at the Giltar hotel.

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No idea about rodents but I will say Tenby isn’t my favourite place in Pembrokeshire. Opinions on this differ but to me it’s a typical Victorian seaside resort with the usual tourist shops that can be a bit tacky. There are places I prefer but many people do like Tenby.

Driving wise, you’ve listed places in the order you will come to them so you already have a logical sequence. They’re not very far apart so you’ll be fine. Roads are ok in Pembrokeshire and not busy. You won’t run into any problems.

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I have been to Tenby several times and never seen rodents. The town has some lovely Georgian buildings - especially near the harbour and these are painted in gorgeous colours - and are very expensive.

Saundersfoot is nice enough but Tenby is much better. Carew Castle is best viewed from the parking area on the north side of the estuary - from which you can also see the tidal mill in the distance. (I have not walked to the milll).

For St;Govans chapel - you need to get to Bosherston and follow a minor road - which is sometimes shut because it is in a military range. Anyway, I suggest you return to Bosherston & park by the church & be sure to use the toilets before setting off on the walk to the coast via the lily ponds. This is a lovely walk using boardwalks in some places. It reaches the coast at Broadhaven south. To proceed east to Barafundle Bay involves are really hard going bit up some sand dunes before reaches level cliff tops. If you want an easier walk to Barafundle - go to the parking area at Stackpole Quay & walk west for about 14 minutes.

I shall refer to this map. On the western side of the map, you will see ’The Green Bridge of Wales’. This is massive sea arch & is only about a 12 minute walk fro the parking area (free) above the magnificent Stack Rocks. If you walk E from the parking area for about 6 minutes you come to ’The Cauldron’ - a huge hole in the cliffs with the sea coming i through a cave. This is well worth seeing but is often closed off as it is in a military range.

For more information on this area see (not me) >

Regarding north Pembrokeshire:> Solva is nice but I was not keen on Porthgain = an old quarrying community.

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I was not keen on Porthgain = an old quarrying community.

To be fair it is still an attractive harbour. Porthgain it was an important part of the industrial archaeology of the area and you can still see the remians around the harbour. It's also a lovely walk along the cliff path to Abereiddy with the remains of the flooded quarries.