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More Wales via public transit questions!

Going to Wales from July 2-July 15 and have some transportation questions. Many thanks to those who answered my previous question about St. David’s to Aberystwyth!

Just for the. curious, the itinerary is:
Flying into London
Cardiff-4 nights
St. David's-3 nights
Aberystwyth-2 nights
Llanberis 3 nights
Conwy 1 night
To Manchester for the flight home. (one night in Manchester--open to suggestions of fun things to see in one afternoon...)

We’ll be traveling from Aberystwyth To Llanberis–

The bus through Caernarfon will certainly work. A good deal seems to be the one day pass that I believe we would purchase from the driver. What would be the benefit of a multi day pass? Where would we buy it? We will be traveling on the 9, 11, and 13.

I already purchased our train tickets from Cardiff to Haverfordwest which is before this, where we’ll take a taxi to St. Davids–unless anyone knows of a bus that will be doing that route. I know some of the routes around St. David’s might not run this summer.

We’ll be leaving Conwy later in the trip and heading into Manchester for a flight out the following day. I think the train is pretty easy, but if any of you know any helpful tips for this leg of the journey, I’d love to hear them. We would consider the bus if there is one.

I’m a little nervous about rail/bus strikes. How likely are these during the summer? What type of notice might we get? Should I consider renting a car in Cardiff before leaving the U.S., and then canceling it if strikes won’t be an issue. We would strongly prefer not to drive as it adds lots of stress to the trip and keeps us more removed from the places we’re traveling through.

I’m also a little confused as to whether it is better to purchase bus tickets ahead of time, or just wait until the day of travel. Does it matter what type of bus?

Many thanks for any clarity you can give!

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At the moment rail strikes remain suspended, and there seems to be some kind of a pay deal in the offing, so there is extremely cautious optimism at the moment. What 'mood music' the general public are hearing seems to be sort of positive.
14 days notice of strikes has to be given.
I don't believe at the moment that it is worth booking a car.
If there was a strike there is a daily National Express Coach from Heathrow (starts at London Victoria) at 1130, arrives at Haverfordwest at 1855 with a change at Swansea- then take a taxi to St David's. That costs between £25 and £30, if booked now, although that will ultimately rise very gradually to £63.
The kind of buses (service buses, or city buses as you call them, even if they are in the countryside) you are catching are all pay on board, no advance booking possible.
If you were using National Express (= Greyhound= motor coaches) then you would book ahead,
There isn't, I don't believe, a multi day pass which suits you. You just buy a day pass on each of the three travel days, from the driver of the first bus.
Haverfordwest to St Davids is the T11 bus..
This bus is running- its the likes of the Poppit Rocket, the Strumble Shuttle and the other named services which are not operating.
The Traws Cymru ticket will get you to Caernarfon, but is not valid on the Snowdon Sherpa- that is a separate ticket- just a single ticket.

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Conwy to Manchester Airport- the most sensible route of several is a train from Conwy - at 0914, 1024, 1426, 1519 and 1634 that is a train Conwy to Llandudno Junction, change for a through train to Manchester Airport; at 1240 it is train Conwy to Chester, then train Chester to Airport. Book ahead and you should get that for £11.40 all the way from Conwy to Apt.
It is a 2 1/2 hour to 3 hour journey depending on the length of connection at LJ.

As you have specifically asked about the bus there is one daily- depart Llandudno 0925, Liverpool One Bus Station arrive 1115, depart 1210 Man Apt a 1315.

If you were to book now that bus would cost you a through fare of £8 which will gradually rise to £23.50.