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Happy 150th Birthday to Bertrand Russell, Welsh aristocrat

Bertrand Russell was more than a handful -- his philosophical writing won a lot of prizes, including the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1950, but his freethinker lifestyle and opposition to mainstream politics and religion got him fired from a lot of jobs, including a faculty position at City College of New York. (He also went through several divorces.)

Job security didn't matter to him, though, because he was born into the British aristocracy. He inherited an earldom in 1931 and his book "History of Western Philosophy" earned enough in royalties to live off.

He was born on the Ravenscroft estate in Trellech, inbetween Monmouth and Tintern.

Trellech had been an important town in the Middle Ages, but nowadays is mostly a nature reserves area.

What are the highlights of a visit to Trellech? Are there Bertrand Russell markers, or even relations still around?

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