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from USA, best airport to begin trip in Anglesey

In June 2022 I am planning a trip from the USA to Anglesey across North Wales, then to Shrewsbury and up to Inverness and the Orkneys, allowing about one week each for Wales and Scotland. It needs to be in that order because my third week is studying at St. Andrew's Univ. I'll be travelling alone with luggage on public transit. Driving would be easier if the UK didn't use the opposite side of the road -- I'm afraid of having an accident.

I've considered flying into Dublin and taking the hydrofoil. With Manchester, Cardiff, and even worse London, there'd be doubling back. OTOH I don't know about the difficulty of transiting from the Republic to Wales. Last time I did so was over 20 years ago.

Of course COVID could knock everything topsy-turvy, as I don't have the time or resources for a long quarantine. I would like your advice assuming that travel will be no worse than in 2019.

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Manchester would not be backtracking. Can you get a direct flight there from the US? There are a couple of direct trains from Manchester airport to Bangor each day, taking 2.5 hours. Lots of trains with one change on the way, adding 30 minutes or so. The train continues across Anglesey with stops at 5 different villages before reaching Holyhead. So depending on where you wish to end up, you may be able to reach your actual destination on the train.

The trains right from Manchester airport would be simpler than getting from Dublin airport to the ferry terminal, then taking the ferry or hydrofoil.

The Irish Sea can get pretty rough (been there, done that). I am not sure how well the hydrofoils handle that——I seem to recall reading they are canceled when the seas are bad, so maybe someone can weigh in on that.

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I'd suggest Manchester too. Icelandair flies there from various US cities via Reykjavik.

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In the early days of the hydrofoils they gained the nickname vomit comet.
But Manchester is the obvious choice for an airport.