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Conwy walks

Has anyone ever done the walk from Conwy to Llangelynin Church which is down toward Rowen? One website makes it look like a pleasant morning's ramble another like a full day adventure.

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You might be looking at two different things.

The bugger is the Huw Tom Upland Walk from Penmaenmawr to Rowen. It's only about six miles but has about a thousand feet of climb from the coast then maybe half of that in descent as it dips down to Rowen. The good news is that it passes within spitting distance of a fairly good bronze age hillfort. That's close to a day-long project if you're not used to humping; if you push you can make it in well less than two, but you'd have to get back.

If you just walk the obvious route from Conwy to Llangelynin Church and the well it's about half of that distance without all the elevation change. But, it's narrow, winding roads with stone walls on the side and some pretty good hills - - which means that you don't have many places to duck. There's some side paths, but not that many as I recall. I could be wrong - - it's been a good five years since I walked that stretch and I've walked a lot of the Principality in the interim. If you do this one, the cars won't be able to get up a lot of speed but they can still be hidden until they're right up on you. They're going to have to be using the center of the road, but walk on the right where they'd expect to see you facing traffic.

Post a link or something and I might be able to sort it out.

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The original link I used was
You are probably right that I am confusing two different walks on second looking.

My husband and I have a full day of no car in Conway before picking up our rental. We are interested in historic places and this area seemed like a good way to spend some time. We would like to see Maen y Bardd, and other Neolithic sites as looks walkable on the map but I don't want to overface our abilities.
I notice there are buses from Conwy to Rowen. Is this a better bet? If we take the bus from Conwy to Rowen then walk to the church are the Neolithic sites more doable?
The websites say the church is open on Saturdays and Sundays...we would like to see you know if this is still true?
Thanks for your reply.