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Castle Dates

As I am going over this website to check the dates and times for the castles, I am noticing that some are only open a few months a year. Tintern Abbey, Chepstow Castle, Raglan and Castell Coch, only have dates starting in June or July. I am going to be in Cardiff on April 30, 2016 and was thinking about staying over on the 1st too, to get all the castles in. I realize that the dates are for 2015, but I can't imagine they change that much. Is this correct, some won't be open when I am there? I'm really bummed out, and probably won't need to stay an extra night.


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Rick's Great Britain book indicates that Tintern Abbey, Cardiff Castle, Chepstow, Caerphilly, and the castles he describes in north Wales are all open March-October. You may have just found a seasonal schedule, showing longer summer hours.

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Thanks Laura. You're probably right, I think I might have just freaked out for a minute.

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Sorry, but Laura is wrong. If you google Tintern Abbey opening or Cardiff Castle opening, you will see that these are both open all year round, but have different seasonal openings. Times do sometimes change, so don't rely on a guidebook that may have been updated and published some time ago. Always check with the latest news on the attraction's website.

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If you are driving, I think the quickest way to see the castles in the Cardiff area is to go to Caerphilly Castle first. You can see this from the outside for free so you might not consider actually paying to go inside. Then go to Castell Coch - which is best seen in the morning when the sun is on the main entrance. Again, you can see this one for free from the outside. However, I think it is well worth paying to go inside & see the ornate rooms.

Then, I would drive to junction 32 of the nearby M4 and head west to come off at the next junction (33) & take A4232 for just over 1 mile - look out for brown signs for St.Fagans Castle & Museum. Note: it is a very sharp turn from the slip road off the expressway into the drive. You will need about 2 hours to see St.Fagans Castle & grounds. The place is undergoing a refurbishment so if you want lunch, walk out through the village gate - turn left & go to the Plymouth Arms - entrance up side & round the back. You can then simply return through the gate (for free). On leaving St.Fagans, return to expressway and follow it for about 4 miles to Cardiff Bay.
PS> Don't forget Cardiff Castle.

Tintern Abbey is a ruin in the beautiful Wye Valley. Again, you can see this for free without actually paying to go inside. (Pay if you wish).