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CADW membership

Has anyone experience with the CADW membership in Wales? Does it actually give half price admission to English Historical Sites and also those in Scotland? Is membership available to US citizens?

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I did a lot of research on this when planning a trip to Wales. Membership is open to anyone who pays the fee. I was going to order it ahead of time but found they often have discounts when purchasing it at one of the attractions so decided to wait and get it then. According to the current website, yes it still offers the 1/2 price entry to the English Heritage and Historic Scotland sites.

I used these two websites: and

The second site is a FAQ site which should answer most of your questions.

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In subsequent years, should you renew, you get free admission into the sites owned by the English and Scottish equivalents.

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We purchased a CADW membership at Conwy Castle. If was worth it if you are planning to visit just Edward's Castles. Now that it is also valid in England and Scotland, it's sounds great. They probably have the list of properties on line for you to preview. The National Trust UK also has a Tourist pass for Overseas Visitors sold in 7 and 15 day for individuals, couples or families. You have to buy on line but can pick it up on your first site visit that is authorized to issue it. Historic Scotland also has passes.