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Cadw Explorer Pass

I have searched the Cadw website for specifics regarding the 3 day Explorer Pass. We will be visiting Conwy Castle, Caernarfon Castle, and possibly Beaumaris, so it is a good deal for us to use the pass.

My question, which is not addressed on the website, are we able to visit the same castle twice using the pass? For instance, if we get to Conwy late in the day and visit the castle, could we visit again the next day if we felt we didn't have ample time the day before?

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We got the joint annual membership a few years ago. With an annual pass you can enter any location as many times as you want within. For the three castles you mentioned it would cost an adult 33£ so the 3 day pass is the better option.

Regarding going into the same castle two days in a row, yes you can do it, you’d just be using two of your three days. Fortunately, the castles you mentioned are close to each other and you could feasibly see all three in one day.

If you have any questions send it an email.
email: [email protected]

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I rang membership enquiries at CADW and there response was they were not aware of any restriction in the number of times you can visit one attraction. You could always check before visiting Conwy castle just to confirm.

While in Conwy, don't miss Plas Mawr, the Elizabethan town house in the centre of the town. It is also free with the explorer pass and is well worth visiting.

I found Caernarfon and Conwy Castle very similar in many ways expect Caernarfon was bigger and didn't have any remains of internal buildings. I much prefer Conwy as you really do get a feel as to what the castle would have been like when built. Beaumaris is wonderful with its moat!

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Thank you, wasleys, that's very helpful!
We will play it by ear, but we will definitely get the pass. Beaumaris just has to see if we are all "castled out" by that point.

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I f there is a danger of getting castled out, I would place Beaumaris above Caernarfon as it is very different to Conwy and Caernarfon. As well as the moat it is an excellent example of a concentric castle with two outer walls that attackers would have to get through. It was state of teh art and the very latest design in castle building at the time. Caernarfon is a similar design to Conwy.