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We have three days to explore out of Conway.
Would like to see some things on Angelsey one day.
How congested is it likely to be over the bank weekend in May?

We have Southstack and Newborough on our list as well as Moelfre and a quick Beaumaris.
Too much?

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You've got them in the right order of merit. No place on the island is more than thirty minutes from another by car.

The sea stack will probably take the most time, especially if you get tied up with the birds. Get there as early as possible - - dawn is fine to ideal.

Breaumaris is on the same idea as Conwy or Pembroke - - not one of the top five in the Principality.

All four will work in a single day. If Caernarvon wasn't scheduled on another day, it'd win over Beaumaris.

No real idea about bank holiday congestion, but a wild guess is that the area is out of the pattern. Conwy and Llandudno maybe not.

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If you have time, I enjoyed the Penmon Priory and St. Seiriol's well which is a few miles NE of Beaumaris. The building dates from the 12thC. The medieval misericords have been removed from the Priory and are located in the St Mary's Church in Beaumaris but there are a couple of 10thC Celtic crosses in the church as well as some other interesting things.

St Seiriol's well was one of the stops on the pilgrimage people took to St David's Cathedral in medieval times. Two pilgrimages to St David's equalled one to Rome.

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We spent 2 nights and 1 day -Saturday on Angelsey last September. We stayed at a B&B in Beaumaris. We were able to see all the sights listed above. It was a long day and would have have been easier if our GPS had been better. Traffic was not a problem. We started in Beaumaris at the Castle and church then went to Penmons Priory etc then to the South Stack. Drove back to Beaumaris via Amlwch-Parys Mountain and Moelfre. I had read several books about the history of Angelsey before the trip and this made it more interesting to me. Don't miss the South Stack.

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Thanks, you all.
We appreciate your input.
Will be sure to see Southstack.