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A458 in Wales

We will be in England in May. One of the days we will be driving from Bridgnorth in England to Forge Machynnlath in Wales. Driving directions says it's a 2 hour drive primarily on the A458. My husband has driven in England quite a few times, but I'm wondering if anyone knows about this route and what we can expect. Thanks.

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Hi Sharon,

If you click the AA site given by the previous respondent, you will see Route Planner in the corner. I just checked for your journey as far as Machynlleth & they reckon 77 miles in just under 2 hours.

The roads will have a very good surface but will only be one lane each way as they twist and turn through hilly terrain. If you click this link:>,-3.6646581,11z
& then click & drag the yellow man from the bottom left onto the route in question, you will get a ground view of this road. Do this at various locations so that you can get some idea of what to expect. (You can click & drag the yellow line to progress along the road if you wish). To revert to the map - see bottom left corner.

Before closing the map, take look at Aberdyfi (Aberdovey in English). It is on the north side of the beautiful Dovey estuary. Put the yellow man on the road as it hugs the estuary and you will see what I mean. If you are going to Furnace (SW of Machynlleth), it is well worth also going around to Aberdovey in my opinion.

North of Machynlleth (near Corris) is the Centre for Alternative Technology - which might also be of interest to you. (I have not been to this place).

It is also possible to go to this area by train by driving from your base in Bridgenorth to Telford - the station has a large car park. will have details of trains & fares. (The trains go through to Machynlleth but it would be difficult to then reach Furnace without a car). The line splits (& trains split) at Machynlleth with the northern section going up the beautiful Cambrian Coast. Aberdovey (AVY) which is around 2 hours from Telford (TFL) & the return fare is £21. For only 90 pence more, you could continue to Barmouth = 3 hours out from Telford.

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Thank you both for your responses. Given that we are not experienced in train travel, I'm wondering if we need to book ahead of time? Is this a popular route? We will be there in May. Are the tickets cheaper if I book ahead of time. Thanks!

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"Are the tickets cheaper if I book ahead of time."

yes- Advance tickets are what you want - I can't image it being busy in May

you can buy on the day but tickets will be more expensive

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On this particular route, don't bother to book ahead. You may only save a £1 to £2 and be tied to specific trains. I would keep checking the weather forecast and try and do this trip when you have a fine day as it is very scenic. Just drive to Telford station, park the car - not sure if you have to pay so have some coins handy. The station is probably manned so just go to the ticket office and ask for 2 Anytime Returns to ……? The return fare will be £21 to Aberdovey or £21.90 to Barmouth.
If you can't purchase the tickets at the station - just board the train and the conductor will sell you the tickets during the journey.

The last week of May is a school holiday so trains might be more busy then. (A shortage of diesel trains means that they just can't put on more coaches). It will be a 4 coach train as far as Machynlleth where it will probably split (or you need to change) with one half going SW to Aberystwyth and the other going north west to Pwllheli. It is highly unlikely that you would not have a seat. However, if you did wish to pre-book and have seat reservation, you can do it via the company. (You could do this once in the UK - perhaps the day before).
(If you don't like the allocated seats, you can always move to non reserved seats. Sometimes, the heat/cooling can be different in the different coaches). The train will reverse direction of travel at Shrewsbury.

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I can't image it being busy in May

Ah, but when in May? If around either of the Bank Holidays it may well be a tad busier.