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15 pretty places in Wales that are still a secret...

From Condé Nast Traveller earlier this month...

I thought I knew wales well and have been to 8 of these places and have heard of a few more, but there were still some completely new to me. There's more to Wales than the usual tourist itinerary places!

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In 2019 we stopped in Nevern to see the weeping yew. Later in the trip we visited Llynon windmill. It was officially closed but the owner gave us the key and we were able to visit on our own. Afterwards he invited us for tea and pastry at his pastry shop and cafe before its official opening that was in a day or two. He refused to take payment. What I thought would be a quick stop ending up occupying a couple hours.

Thanks for the link. It gives good ideas for our next trip there.

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Wasleys, these look wonderful! It's been almost 30 years since I was in Wales, but one of these days I will get back. I'm hanging onto this article for then. Thank you!

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I just love Wales and hope to get back. Thanks for sharing.