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FCO Airport to Venice via Train

Any suggestion how to get cheap train tickets from FCO airport or Rome train station to Venice, I have tried one that is coming up very expensive $1150 for family of 4.

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Where are you looking? for Roma Termini to Venezia S. Lucia for a random day in April/May is showing prices of €29, €39 and €49 per person second class. The highest price you would pay if you just turned up and paid on the day (the 'base price') is €80.
Fiumicino Aeroporto to Roma Termini is showing €14.

If you are being given a price in '$' (you haven't said which type of '$'), I suspect you are on a foreign (non-italian) website with a markup.

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summerg68, I would (a) ask the Webmaster to move this thread to either Transportation or Italy, or (b) just delete this thread and start a new one in one of those two categories. This topic is about Rick's TV shows, so not many people will see your question here!

But....I'll go ahead and post here, now. When exactly is this trip? The price per person should be around 8€ + 29€ = 37€ if bought in advance from . To get from FCO to Roma Tiburtina train station (8€) to make your connection for your direct train to Venezia S. Lucia (29€), see this page from Ron in Rome . See the section concerning FCO to Rome, FR1/FM1 Train. Here is the page dedicated to the FR1/FM1 train, the schedules, etc.

When using the Trenitalia site, use the Italian spelling for the city names.

Yeah, $1150 ain't right ;-) At most, that route should cost about 118€/pp.

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There are only two direct train departures per day (around 11:00 and 15:00) from Roma Fiumicino to Venezia S. Lucia station but there are many more (at least hourly) with a connection at Roma Termini (or Tiburtina station; most fast Le Frecce trains are now making both stops). If you book an advance discount ticket, note that some cannot be exchanged at all and others not after the departure of the scheduled train. Paying full fare on the spot is certainly an option. I see now that is similar to my response the last time you asked this question. takes you direct to the Italian source to buy the tickets in euros, however US agents like Rail Europe also have the discounted tickets available, starting from US $38 per person for the 11:00 departure on April 15, for instance, or from $63 on the 15:00 departure.