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When will Italy accept flights from America.

Does anyone, know the latest on when Italy might open up to flights from the USA?

After June 12th?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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CNN Travel posted an article outlining when European countries will open. Only for EU travel currently June 12 is the date. For US travelers to Europe the wait could be longer. Check the state department’s website.

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And possibly causing additional widespread infections in the US, there's the likelihood of a very large completely unnecessary meeting composed of unmasked participants from the entire country facilitated by governors who want the money.

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According to today's New York Times, the earliest possible date is some time in July. And that's not at all certain.

The only European country currently allowing Americans in is Portugal.

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Air France has flights today. So do other airlines. But its doubtful they will let you through airport security unless you are an Italian citizen.

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Flights operating between North America and Italy are not a signal that tourist travel to Italy is open. They may be the minimum number of flights that an airlines needs to hold their right to serve those airports and would serve essential travel and/or Italian residents returning home. Note that essential travelers and returning residents may be subject to quarantine/self-isolation on arrival or other travel limitations.