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Thanks, Frank. If they keep it up-to-date it will be useful as we try to resume traveling.

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Thanks Frank. Guess im a no go to Portugal in July since Lufthansa routes me through Frankfurt. Lufthansa actively discouraged me from cancelling when i called them. Supposedly July 1st the issue will be revisited by the EU but i doubt it will re open.

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I would use an official source to get accurate info:

Unofficial source:

"When Georgia reopens its borders on July 1, it won’t be for everyone. It is instead looking to identify what it calls peer countries — those in “a more or less similar epidemiological situation,” Economy Minister Natia Turnava said.

Gakharia [Prime Minister] enlisted the country’s ambassadors to be the chief marketers to their host countries, pitching what he is calling a “safe corridor” with Georgia to establish direct flights between them. Israel, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Greece and the Baltic states are expected to be among the first countries on Georgia’s list.

It is unclear when Georgia will permit travelers from the United States, which has the most confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths in the world."

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James.....the map is for use by airlines to know what the rules are today. When checking someone in they don't care what it planned in two weeks.

I wish you wouldn't post upcoming openings on this thread. Start your own thread. Let this be for what is happening today. Things change daily and what it true today may not be true tomorrow. And unless you plan to keep coming back on a regular basis to change your postings, let's keep this for what is happening now.

I had two useful threads taken down over the weekend because the responses ventured away from topic and arguments started. Please lets leave good information as it is,

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Lets be careful not turn this into a COVID argument thread.

I made it a point to post only 2 links and quotes from one of the two articles with bold indicating the relevant points. I offered zero commentary of my own, except to distinguish an official source of info from a non-official newspaper source. Personally, I would use official, government sources over any newspaper, blog, or other source too many people post on this forum. Even within the news landscape, some sources are more reliable and unbiased than others.

IMHO: the link posted by the OP is very helpful "as is", in spite of the caveats (thank you for posting!). It's better not to clutter up the text with predictions that can change at any moment. Those kinds of minute or not-so-minute changes would take additional effort to constantly update.

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Montenegro opens Borders
The European countries whose citizens will be able to cross over the small country's borders must currently
have no more than 25 COVID-19 patients per 100,000 inhabitants.

With restrictions, that the US does not currently meet. For that
matter, I doubt that much of the EU meets the requirements. I know
France, Italy and Spain dont.

But almost all Central European countries do (like DE, CZ, AT, SK or HU). Montenegro however is mostly visited by Eastern Europeans, while most Central Europeans prefer Croatia.

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Frank II, I appreciate the comments and will pull my stuff. Funny, I was starting to do my own, but then saw yours. I know what will happen to this thread and one if I post so I see no use in posting. Very sad ...

Thanks for all your good work.