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Returning to the USA from Europe

Current CDC requirements , require all travelers, including US citizens, to present a negative COVID test taken within the past 72 hours, when entering the USA. This includes fully vaccinated US citizens. We are planning a trip to France and we return in mid September, from Paris. My question is: has anyone recently returned to the US from Paris and taken the COVID test? If so, how fast was the turnaround time for the results? I've checked a few labs in Paris that do the test but their web sites have no turnaround times. I have also sent a few e-mail message but received no response yet. Since we still have a few months before our trip, I'm hoping this CDC requirement will be eliminated, but you never know. Thanks!

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Antigen tests are accepted, and many pharmacies perform them with results available within 30 minutes. You will also notice a lot of pop-up tents offering rapid testing around Paris; I assume that they will still be there in Sep.

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This question has been answered several times on both the France and Covid-19 pages of the Forum, just take a look through the thread titles. Yes, tests are easy to get, you’ll see testing tents often in front of pharmacies. Cost will be €49 for PCR test or €29 for antigen test.

You get a print out of your antigen test 15 minutes after they swab you. (I had two done in May.)

Here is another one of the threads that discusses this

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Thanks to everyone for providing the info. The process seems easy enough. I appreciate the feedback and maybe by the time we return on September 13 this requirement will no longer be needed.

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Note that the CDC order you linked to doesn't require a negative test "taken within the past 72 hours," it requires a negative test taken within three days before the departure of the US-bound flight. The passenger must "attest that I have received a negative pre-departure test result for COVID-19. The test was a viral test that was conducted on a specimen collected from me during the 3 calendar days preceding the flight’s departure." That means, for example, that if your last homebound flight departs on Friday, you must have taken the test (given the specimen) on Tuesday or later. Your flight could be departing Friday evening and you could have given the specimen Tuesday morning, you'd still be good if it's negative. And the antigen test is acceptable along with others that cost more and take longer to process.