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Which term at Fiumicino for Delta to JFK operated by Alitalia

I thought I'd asked this already but if I did, I can't find my OP so I'll ask again and apologize for repeating myself.

Our flight home from Italy Sept 30 is Delta 1044 from Rome to JFK. But even tho I booked it with Delta as a Delta flt, it'll be operated by Alitalia as an Alitalia flight with an AZ flt no ( which I forget) as well as the DL no.

So where do we go first, to check in? T5 for Delta or straight to T3 for Alitalia?



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I answered this before so briefly , all DIRECT flights to the US from Fiummicino go to terminal 5 for checkin and security processing and are bused back, behind security, to T3 for your departure flight. If it is Alitalia flight you check in at the Alitalia counter. It will be clear when you get there.

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And just in case you haven't confronted this before… You will be subject to the Alitalia luggage and carry-on rules, rather than the Delta rules.

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You ALWAYS check in with the carrier operating your flight. Ignore all other carriers and numbers when determining where to check in. This is true of all carriers and code shares, anywhere in the world. Simple.

So if this flight is operated by Alitalia, go to Alitalia's international check in at T3 in Fiumicino. A quick Google shows that it will be listed as Alitalia flight AZ 608.

And, since it's on Alitalia "metal," (meaning they actually operate the plane), it will land at JFK at T1 (Alitalia's terminal), not T2-3 (Delta's terminal).