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RS tour credit

Does anyone remember how far in advance you get the RS $100.00 credit to order your books, etc before a tour? Thanks!

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You get it as soon as you make your final payment.

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It was the 5th week after the deposit was made. They apparently wait until the deposit can't be withdrawn and then send it out.

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I read you get it about 35 days after deposit. I am a little confused over the $100 credit. I would prefer just to pay $100 less.. This is our 3rd tour but first time with the new credit deal. Any suggestions what others have bought.

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esuefoley - Be grateful for the credit . . . until recently you would have just received more money belts and the guide book. Now you can buy other stuff. If you don't need/want for yourself, buy presents for someone else.

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Hi Ann,
Did you recently sign up for another tour? If do, which one? I, along with a friend, just this week made a deposit on the Heart of Ireland in 8 Days tour leaving in September!

My Rome tour begins in less than 2 months...still planning my free time activities.

Chani, you gave me a great idea - use store credit for gifts.

Judy B

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As others stated you get the store credit shortly after you lay down your deposit. Presumably, if you used the credit and cancelled they would deduct it.

Actually I like the way they do it now.. I've been on several tours and on the first a few years ago they sent you the appropriate book and money belt (which I promptly throw away). I usually have already bought the RS guidebook by the time I book so I put the credit toward other books or maps.

I believe the credit is good right up to the date your tour starts.