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$100 credit goes a long way right now


There was a fun thread a while back in which people described how they used their $100 RS store credit. We got our email with the credit a couple of months ago, but I'd been waiting for the 2017 Italy guidebook to be available, which was Dec. 1. Happily, everything in the store is also on sale right now, so unless you're looking to buy a bag or backpack, you can pick up quite a lot of "stuff" for 100 bucks. Here's what I got:

-- The 2017 Italy guidebook, plus a couple of the page-binder sets, as I do plan to "slice up" the book and only carry the relevant sections on our Venice-Florence-Rome tour next May. While part of me shudders at the idea of cutting up a book, it's a very practical idea when you're planning to travel as lightly as possible.
-- Hanging toiletries kit. We found out last year in London and Paris that bathroom counter space can be at a premium, if it exists at all.
-- Hidden pocket and neck wallet. My wife and I are sold on the need for money belts and used the ones provided with our tour last year, but neither of us was wild about having them strapped around our waists. They just weren't especially comfortable and kind of a pain if you needed to access something from the belt. I thought I'd try the hidden pocket, instead, while my wife will give the neck wallet a shot.
-- The 40x20" micronet towel. Last year I took along a "Sham-Wow" to use for wringing out sink laundry. Figured I'd get a little spiffier this time.
-- The "Don't Tell Rick" hideaway tote. Because you never know when you might haul wine and olive oil back from Italy!
-- A few extra electrical adapters. Hey, they're a buck apiece.
-- And, just because I've become a total Rick Steves geek, I ordered the complete box set of DVDs, which includes the new season. It's $24.95 for the whole batch. I couldn't resist.

We would have been just under $100 without the DVDs. With those, the total was $119, minus the $100 credit. I'm eagerly awaiting delivery of my big box of stuff Friday.


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I love the hanging toiletries kit. I got an earlier version in 2013, but same idea. Can't do without it now!

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I also got mine several months ago but also waiting for the December sale.

1) two Appenzell day backpacks for me and husband
2) two security pouches for me and husband
3)lambskin travel wallet
4)rick steve pocket travel notebook

only paid .79cents ($100 credit and free shipping)

ready, set , go for my RS June 2017 trip

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My tour $100 credit won't be available until early January, but I hope that there will be something similar offered around the tour reunion weekend. (Luckily I don't need too much stuff.)
I wanted to suggest to your wife that she wear her neck pouch not around her neck or cross-body but instead under one arm with the strap pinned to her bra or camisole strap. I did this for the first time this past Fall and it was so comfortable, I really would forget that it was there.
Happy travels!

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We also took advantage of the sale:

-- One 2017 Italy guidebook
-- One Appenzell pack - for my hubby; I've used mine for years
-- One silk moneybelt; I prefer the silk to the poly, and if RSE is paying for it...
-- One silk hidden pocket; DH was intrigued by those
-- One Milan Streetwise map

Total: $96.42. We took advantage of the free shipping, since we're not in a great hurry.

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I didn't know about the sale, I signed up 11/14/16 for my trip and won't get my code to shop until 5 weeks - 12/19/16. I miss the sale by 4 days - live and learn! :) I'll know next time!

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I took a tour in 2007 .

I never got a code for a credit ???

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Pat: This is a fairly new development, in the past year or so. Instead of sending you a "tour kit" -- guidebook, money belt, ear plugs, etc. -- when you sign up for a tour, now RS gives a $100 credit to use in the online store. You can use the credit for the tour kit or anything else in the store. It's good because people who'd taken multiple tours didn't need a dozen money belts. But RS does need to tweak the plan somehow, because now a single person who signs up for a tour gets the same $100 credit as, say, in our case, three people going on the tour together. This has come up in previous forum threads. I think a good solution would be to just make it $50 per person.

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I didn't know about the sale, but I didn't get my credit until it had started - lovely surprise. Even with the $40 overseas shipping charges, I was able to get 4 guidebooks, one each for my 2017 ventures and France for 2018. I did have to chip in $3 and change.

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Got my credit this morning, just missed the sale! I hope another comes along for Valentines Day😍

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Dreamsparis - there is often a 20% off sale on the Saturday of the Tour Reunion. I think that should be January 14. So you may be in luck!

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Unfortunately I missed the sale on January 14. I worked a 12 hr shift, got home at 830pm. Which was just in time to have a sleep over/pizza party with my 3 grandchildren. Which was a fabulous way to end a day but even more great to waking up to smiling faces hovering over you in bed saying "nana, nana"!

Sat. Night I did quickly click on this forum and the store link but did not see the sale.
But on Sunday 1/15, I discovered there was a promo code that you had to use for the 20% off on 1/14.

So, does anyone have any guess as to when the next store wide sale might occur?