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Kate, did you ever get an answer to this...

Hi Kate,

I was checking this older thread about the RS Tour offerings:

and there was a question about why RS doesn't offer "Theme Tours". Was this question ever answered by the Tour Dept.? I was wondering what their response was?

Also, any chance they"ll offer some really new tour itineraries next year (the new Ireland wasn't really "new" - just shorter)? Best of Germany sounded pretty popular? As a multi-tour alumni, I'd love to see some brand new ones! (Yes, I realize the new tours aren't published until August, but I suspect they are working on new ones now).

Any thoughts?


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Hi Kate and Gretchen,
I just saw this pop up right now - sorry if this was previously missed - I work in the Tour Department and also lead tours for Rick.
Rick offers the "Best of" versus "Theme Tours" because he feels that this is where his (and our) expertise falls.
Many companies can put together theme type tours and we could as well, but are we really giving our best, as we are not a music, dance, ski, shopping type tour company?
Nothing against that because we ALL LOVE to dance, sing and find unique European items (and I love to ski) but as far as tours go - this is not our best.
We pride ourselves in the fact that we are teachers of the country we guide, we give the history, help tour members blend in as locals and talk about traditions and cultural experiences which do include the items above.
As far as new tours, we are always reviewing different ideas and routes but it takes a lot to put these together.
The new Heart of Ireland has been over 2 years in the making and in reviewing.
It may not seem new but it adds some favorites, new stays, longer stays and more detailed history and focus of that area as well as a shorter tour for those with few vacation days or yearn to add pre and post tour travel.
New tours also require local guides, lead guides for Rick and more Rick type hotels as well.
This takes time to gather and we want to make sure that we get it right and we stick with our mission to have top-notch guides, hotels and itinerary, plus more.
I hope that this has given you some insight and if you have further questions please feel free to call us at 425/608-6217.
We are always happy to help!

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...and there's your answer! Thanks, Tara!