Prices in 2015: no new tours either!

Disappointed that no new tours - and some of the prices are quite a bit higher. Sigh.

Posted by Laura
Williamstown, MA
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You are correct sorry. I was searching for tours for more experienced travelers.

Posted by Nancy
Beaverton, Oregon
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I was hoping for some new tours, too. The "new" Ireland tour looks like a condensed version of the regular Ireland tour, which we just went on. Would love for RS to do a tour focusing on Germany.

Posted by Diane
Westford, MA
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I'd also love a tour focusing on Germany. Even though I've been on my own I'd take a tour with ETBD. It' a huge country with intense history and sightseeing/attracion options.

Posted by Andre L.
Tilburg, Netherlands
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I wonder why RS doesn't come up with theme specific tours, like wine tours, mountain tours, renaissance art tour... a 10-day tour centered in one common theme other than country(ies). Something like the "Village tour".

Posted by TC
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Have lived there and also done independent travel in Germany, but would also like to see a 14 or 15 day tour focused on just that country. TC

Posted by Nancy
Corvallis OR
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I've often wondered why RS doesn't do a 'Best of Germany' tour. They do Spain, France and Italy as individual country tours, but not Germany. I'd love to do a 2-week tour that covered just Germany that included Hamburg and Berlin in the north along with the Rhine and Bavaria in the south and points in between. They always throw Berlin in with Prague and Vienna and Bavaria in with the Alpine tours but so many people who like to do the tours have already been to those places. Hope they're paying attention.

Posted by NanZ
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Joining the chorus for a tour of Germany--just Germany, please.

Posted by Gretchen
Andover, MA, USA
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I'm curious to see if they add a few more in a few weeks. In the most recent Tour News (letter) they sent out, it stated, something like "Look for our new tour dates in mid-late August and then a few weeks later look for some tour changes and updates." It made it seem as if there would be two different days of tour announcements, which would be unusual for them. So, we'll see.

Posted by Rachel
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I echo the Germany request. Other wish list tours:
A west to east northern Italy trip that runs from the Piedmont to the Veneto with the Dolomites included. Hey, maybe even end it in Slovenia for good measure!

A shorter regional France option.

A My Way Alpine that doesn't repeat so many GAS towns.

A Christmas market tour ( I'm assuming there's a reason RS doesn't run one, but if they did I would imagine they'd be top sellers.)

Posted by Debbie
Narberth, PA
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I love the west to east northern Italy idea. Including Venice is a must.

I've been dreaming of a My Way that covers the Rhineland, Alsace, Black Forest, and down into Switzerland or even northern Italy. And, if one or more dates were in later November when the Christmas markets are running, then the RS organization does not have to feel like it is selling out to shopping.

I was on one of the last 7 days in Venice tour over Thanksgiving. The Christmas market was up and running and added another magical touch to Venice. Afterwards, I traveled up to Bolzano, Innsbruck, and finally Munich to see the Christmas markets.

The 7 days in Nice seems not to have been posted yet for 2015. Same for MyWay GAS.

Have any singles taken a Family tour?

If there are more updates to come, I am looking forward to them.

Posted by Nancy
Beaverton, Oregon
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It looks like you have a good start on a Germany tour group (My Way or Your Way). How about it, RS office?

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Debbie I took the Family tour about 5 years ago. On our tour there was a single male. He had just graduated college and his parents gave him the tour as a surprise gift, they booked last minute and the Family tour was the only one that fit the dates they need and that has a vacancy.
Of course we all initially wondered how he would enjoy tour with all us families ,, but he had a great time, shared room with the assistant guide, and spent time with most of us during free time, although he did venture off at most stops on his own too.
Its not a singles tour, but the type of folks on rs tours are generally pretty nice , so if that was the only choice I would say going as a single would work out fine.
Note we had 14 kids on our tour from 8-17 yes old and they were all well behaved..there were no wild rampages,tantrumers or screamers lol

Posted by Laura
Williamstown, MA
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How long do they offer the 100 bucks off? Also, are they still offering a little off for every previous tour taken? I am also curious about the concept of new tours coming later in Aug. hmmm! Anyone from the R steves office care to comment?

Posted by Debra
Celina, TX, USA
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The $100 discount is good until midnight, Dec. 1. They still give a $50 discount for each tour taken prior to current year. This was written under the header The Most Value for Your Money

Posted by kate
Rick Steves' Europe
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Hi guys!

I'm happy to address some of the thoughts on this thread:

1) As other people stated, we do indeed have new tours this year. The Heart of Ireland and the two Family Europe tours are the new itineraries for for 2015, and we brought back Best of Bulgaria in 12 Days. Although we’re only able to add a few new itineraries each year, we still love hearing about what new itineraries our alums are interested in, so please keep on sharing.

2) We currently don’t have plans for any additional new tours coming later this year.

3) We do have several tours that visit Germany including our Germany-Austria-Switzerland tour; Berlin-Prague-Vienna tour and all of our Europe itineraries, but we also regularly consider new itineraries based on a variety of factors, so we may expand our Germany offerings in the future.

I've sent one of our tour planners the question about why we don't offer theme tours (like Christmas market tours or French wine tours, etc.), and I'll let you know the answer to that as soon as I get a reply.

Keep those suggestions coming!!

Posted by Grier
Carmel, IN
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In the 2003 tour scrapbooks, one of the scrapbooks is of a Village Italy tour with a photography focus. A photography expert/instructor was on the tour along with the guide. Howard Bruensteiner's scrapbook is one of my favorites. I don't know whether that was a one time experiment or if there were other 'theme' tours in the past.

How about bringing back Village France or Village Europe? Village England?

Posted by Teresa
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Was there a Wales tour at one time, or am I dreaming that?

I would be seriously tempted by a Village England tour! Or even a South (or North) of England tour.

Posted by Patricia
Fort Collins, co
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Why is there no GAS My Way tour for 2015? Are the My Way tours popular?

Posted by stan
Kansas City
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I've suggested it before, but I think a London/Paris tour, 8-10 days would be great. I know you can do the two 7 day city tours back to back currently, but 14 days is too long.

Posted by Debbie
Narberth, PA
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What about a MyWay Venice, Florence, Rome? Or, add a day and pare down the Florence part while adding another location (not Assisi, please). Though VFR would be ok by me. That would contribute to the cadre of shorter tours, plus give return visitors a real chance to catch up on the locations/local sites they have not visited, or those they wish to visit again.

Posted by Pissarro
Daphne, Alabama, United States
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Loved the Paris and the Heart of France tour. This tour really perked my interested in Normandy. There is so much more to see and one day is just not enough. We had a wonderful battlefield guide. Unfortunately we did not have much time to go into any of the WWII museums or explore the towns. I would love to see a Northern France tour or add another day in Normandy.