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Is it safe in Barcelona?

We are scheduled to go to Barcelona, Spain on November 1st. Our Airbnb host says it’s safe to come to the city but we have a friend in the airlines who was just there on an overnight and witnessed the riots. Anyone currently in Spain who can tell us otherwise? We are wondering if we should cancel our trip? Many thanks.

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I think you should cancel because the greatest risk to bodily injury will be the drive to the airport. Just avoid the areas of the protests and you will be fine.

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You can always take the Metro to and from the Barcelona airport.

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I certainly understand why you would have concern, given that a friend who overnighted in Barcelona witnessed rioting there. Tonight is the fifth night of protests there for reasons that I won't go into here. My understanding is that as long as you stay clear of the areas where the protesters are, you will be fine. Consider signing up for the State Department's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). It can send notifications to you of trouble areas (e.g., protest areas) in towns/cities where you are going. State Department's Spain Site (with link to STEP):

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I understand your feeling; go some where else if you have been there before or if it does not clear 3 days before you were suppose to arrive. The pick pocketing petty theft thing would still be something to look out for also