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Heart of France Tour

Questions for anyone who has done the HOF tour recently, looking at first day of tour meet up at 5 pm the walk around, wondering if that walk around included La Basilique du Sacré Cœur de Montmartre, we have a full day with jet lag and thought walking there would be a good first day activity but didn't want to replicate group walk.
Also see questions about metro pass, did we get or not?
Thanks so excited

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My husband and I did this tour in 2018, and we arrived the day before the tour began. The group stayed in Montmartre while in Paris, but the walk the first evening was in the vicinity of the hotel, not up to the hill and Sacra Coeur. We went up there on our own before meeting the group, not only to La Basilique, which was absolutely beautiful, but also to walk around Montmartre, which was lovely. We didn't get a metro pass, but we were given a number of tickets for the metro - I'm not quite sure how many. Some, but not all, were used for group activities. My husband and I ended up returning some of our tickets to our guide - we enjoy walking and saw a lot of Paris on foot. We did get a two-day museum pass as part of the tour, and we made good use of it. This was a wonderful tour - have a great time!

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We did this tour in 2019, and our experience was just like Diane's. The group didn't go to Sacre Coeur at all, although some folks did in their free time the second day.

And yes, this is a great tour.

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I went on this tour 2 months ago and we definitely did not go to Sacre Coeur - he showed us the way to get there but it was something left for our free time. It would definitely be a good first day-get over jet lag walk for you. You will get a metro card that's preloaded with 10 rides when you meet your guide and it can be reloaded with additional rides if needed, or you may decide it's more interesting to walk and take in the sights. You will love this tour - it's great!

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I went last month and stayed in the 6th arr., so the 5:00 walk was ~six blocks around that area. Once you know where your starting and ending hotels are you should be able to scope out where your walk will be and how close/far Sacre Coeur is. I walked a lot my first day, ending at SC and took a cab back. It’s a great tour, enjoy.