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2015 Scrapbook Winner

The winning scrapbook posted by Kristina and her husband Neil, Meg (17) and Micah (14) was well worth the time it took to view it. I had looked at it earlier and really thought it had a chance to win. Then, after it won, I looked at it again. I was very impressed with how this family travelled and seem to enjoy the tour so much. I really noticed how the entire family seemed to enjoy each moment of the trip. Both teens were always smiling, rather than the, " what am I doing here" look you get from so many teens these days.
To be able to spend two months in Europe, had to be a great experience for the family.
No link to contact them on the scrapbook, but maybe they will see my comments.
Thanks to the Trainer family for the time I got to spend with you viewing a great scrapbook.
Enjoy your 1st place winning trip.