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Scrapbook winner

Congratulations Trainers on winning the scrapbook contest. I read your entire scrapbook and really enjoyed it. What wonderful memories your family created. Your kids will remember this for the rest of their life. The photography was beautiful and you organized a terrific itinerary. It was neat that you got to visit your "exchange" family. We hosted an exchange student from Brasil. She came to visit us 15 years later. What a joy! Hope you get to see something from your "bucket list" with your free tour!😊

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I was totally blown away and absorbed when I viewed that entry - the depth of the narrative was really remarkable, in addition to the visuals and general presentation of the scrapbook. Outstanding in every way. I could go on with superlatives, but there's no need.

Even though there are only three designated winners, every single participant is a winner is a broader sense. They "stretched" the value of their trip by being retrospective, creative, and incredibly generous by sharing their memories with the rest of us. I think when someone gets involved in a time-consuming and reflective activity like putting together web-based scrapbook, they are literally reliving their trip all over again and reaping all the benefits that come from that. And the rest of us get to experience that trip vicariously. It's truly a win-win. I'm grateful to all participants, including the winners, for the diversity of experiences (and countries visited) they shared with us.

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Thanks for bringing it to our attention Janet.. it was a lovely scrapbook.

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I also loved the enthusiasm, variety, and storyline of it and read the whole thing.